Let's Try It Out

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01-09-2009 19:29:44

I realize this thread will most likely be locked immediately, but I'm still going to go for it.

Lately the topic of religion has come up in my friends conversations, topics in college, and in the TV shows I watch. I've been catholic all my life, and have been branching out to study other religions. I have friends that are from all different walks of faith, and I've been recently asking them what it actually is they believe in. I'm curious to know that the Islams believe Muhammad wrote the exact words of God, and how Joesph Smith discovered Jesus lived in Wisconsin at some point. I'm not saying anyone is wrong, just curious to know what it is people believe in.

I know people will not be able to control themselves and get into massive arguments and be disrespectful, but I thought on the off chance it wasn't, people could simply post what they believe, and be done with it. Not say "Jesus was God" and someone else says "No, Jesus and God are different"... Opinion A doesn't need to retaliate, we're just saying what we believe.


02-09-2009 06:04:17