Cheap custom molded earbuds if you own Shure, UE or Westone.

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11-08-2009 15:34:14

I'm sure a lot of you have seen custom earbuds that have been constructed using a mold of one's own ear canal and surrounding area to create a perfect, custom fit. If you've ever seen a musical stage performance on TV, odds are they had custom IEMs in their ears. They were likely Ultimate Ears

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I just recently discovered (via head-fi) a company in China that will reassemble certain high-end universal-fit earbuds in custom shells for a FRACTION of what the UE or Westone would charge.

They wont do it with just any earbuds, so you'll have to check the site if interested. They do most Shures, UEs and Westones... and the Etymotic er6i.

I am so excited, I thought I would HAVE to share it here for anyone who feels the same way I do about their buds.

For those of you who don't feel like reading all my ramblings, I'll cut to the chase now Remold only (they transfer the drivers, etc. from your earbuds into your custom shell (must have ear impressions... more on that later) is 600rmb ( $87.78 ) plus shipping to and from China. They will also ADD ANOTHER DRIVER to certain models (which requires replacing additional hardware). That will cost an extra 1,000rmb ($146.30)

I've always wanted a pair of UE11s (4 drivers in a custom shell), but never imagined having $1,150 lying around with nothing better to spend it on. So, I settled for a pair of 10 Pros (3 drivers in a universal-fit shell). Having them remolded requires ear impressions be made which most people will see an audiologist for and costs anywhere from $25-100, from what I've read, but I found a site ( that sells the impression kits that are no different from the ones audiologists use and they're only $20 shipped. They come with detailed instructions and it's recommended you have a partner assist you in making your impressions. The kit even comes with an extra set of materials in case you should botch one mold. I've already familiarized myself with the process with a number of YouTube videos. There's nothing to it. It's the exact procedure and materials professional audiologists use... and you don't even have to leave your home. My kit should arrive within the next day or two.

They also do "artwork," but unlike UE and others, their artwork is limited to one color and is done by lasers, not hand. Price varies depending on what you choose, but I was told the "ue" logo on both buds would cost 280rmb ($40.96). You also have the same choices of colors for the acrylic shells.

Finally, you get 30 days to ensure the fit is perfect. Within 30 days, if not completely satisfied, they will remold them. You also get a 1 year warranty, should anything go wrong inside the buds, which is great for me, because the warranty for my Triple.fis is up this month, so this more or less extends my original warranty.

I'm planning to send my Triple.fis in for remolding, the additional driver and "ue" logo artwork on both buds which totals $275 before shipping. According to what I've read, the sound signature produced by my new buds will be about 95% of the UE11s... A $1,150 PAIR OF EARBUDS!

For those of you that may be skeptics, there's a 21 page thread about the company at head-fi full of satisfied customers... no complaints. Those of you familiar with the folk at head-fi know they are some picky listeners, to say the least.

The company's website hasn't been entirely translated into English yet, so don't even try visiting the "Remolding" section. email= I've been email=ing one of their employees directly. Everyone at head-fi kept recommending him. He's goes by "Sam" and from my understanding, you'll get a reply sooner from him. His email is email=kabang567@hotmail.comkabang567@hotmail.coming one of their employees directly. Everyone at head-fi kept recommending him. He's goes by "Sam" and from my understanding, you'll get a reply sooner from him. His email is

Here are some pics of some buds that were modded by Unique Melody.

[img="a1b24b96eb]http//[" alt=""/imga1b24b96eb]

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11-08-2009 17:26:05

So what's your cut if we buy from them?


11-08-2009 17:40:37

[quote9a60df1eb3="CollidgeGraduit"]So what's your cut if we buy from them?[/quote9a60df1eb3]

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I wish I got something out of it. I'm honestly just pointing it out because it's a pretty big deal to me as I've always wanted to own a pair of UE11s and this is the next best thing. I just thought I'd share the wealth. I never thought I'd own a pair of quad driver customs, but I'll be placing my order sometime this week.

Seriously, those of you interested, don't even mention my name... he wouldn't know who the hell you were talking about if you did.

I'm just trying to look out for those like myself, who weren't lucky enough to stumble across this themselves. Shit, read through that thread at head-fi... I think it's pretty clear they don't need anyone advertising their services. They just recently raised their prices in response to the sudden demand.


11-08-2009 18:41:21

do they retrofit Shure E2cs?


11-08-2009 19:02:05

[quoteed0aaf25d3="doylnea"]do they retrofit Shure E2cs?[/quoteed0aaf25d3]

If by "retrofit," you mean remold, then yes. The website does not list the E2c, but there is another company that "outsources" to Unique Melody that DOES list the E2c, so it appears as though UM forgot to list it. They did list the E1c and E3c (E1c? Huh?), so I don't see why the E2c wouldn't be eligible. You could always email them to be sure. If I'm not mistaken, you may even be able to get the additional driver, though the site doesn't list it.

[bed0aaf25d3]EDIT[/sizeed0aaf25d3][/bed0aaf25d3] I'm sorry, I think I told you wrong. I just got off MSN with "Sam" and I THINK he doesn't do the E2cs... I'll paste our chat and let you make your conclusion... Engrish not so goo

[quoteed0aaf25d3]Shure E2c. Do you remold those? 1031

e2c not the armature
Sam @ 1032
remold to hard 1032

I don't understand
xxxxxxx Tomlinson @ 1032
Not the armature? 1032
You mean, you do the remold 1032
but no extra driver? 1032

Sam @ 1032
2c' drives not the armature 1033
so the remold it is too hard 1033

xxxxx Tomlinson @ 1033
I tell him no 1033

mabye like um56 fit it
Sam @ 1034
ear plug[/quoteed0aaf25d3]


17-08-2009 08:10:54

i don't think i'd move away from my shure E4Cs, they have a free replacement warranty...i'm on my 4th pair since i first got them because the plastic wears from use.



17-08-2009 08:27:14

Not all shures have that warranty right?


01-09-2009 15:21:04

[quotecbb9a9aa4e="doylnea"]Not all shures have that warranty right?[/quotecbb9a9aa4e]

Want me to find out, my bro works for Shure! I know the e4c he gave me does.

Frankly, I have no probs with my e4 the way it is. When I am just using them I use the xmas tree inserts, and when performing or just jamming I use the foam. My wife hates that I can't hear her when they are in.