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27-07-2009 15:07:51

Hey everyone,

so today i ruined my favorite shirt. ANNNND, i want to buy another one. but im pretty sure it was a limited run. i originally purchased it at urban outfitters but they aare notoriously known for their poor labeling methods and honesty in terms of scamming artists, so i really am all over the place in terms of looking for this shirt. The only thing i am given is the RN# which is 77600 which sends me to the manufacturing company that made the physical shirt itself and didnt actually create or silkscreen the design. I will give $5 PayPal if anyone can find this shirt.

Thanks bunches.

Here is the design
http/" alt=""/"22/1241/tshirtx.jpg[" alt=""/img4480fb5615]


29-07-2009 15:40:36

lol there's no label on the shirt itself?


30-07-2009 09:24:34

The manufacturer's label is just a physical one sewn on to the shirt which is the same as the silkscreened one on the collar. Just says the RN & CA number which direct me to to the company that made the tshirt and not the print.


10-08-2009 15:10:37

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10-08-2009 15:59:37

i was totally thinking about a site like that so many years ago but i never thought it was possible..