Anyone happen to have any Xbox live trials?

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14-07-2009 15:41:36

My xbox ran out x

Anyone have a one month or even a 2 day trial they could spare? +karma!


14-07-2009 18:24:49

I think Xbox is running a $1.00 1 month promotion right now. I just re-upped my subscription 3 weeks ago.


15-07-2009 07:34:15

How would i get the $1 promotion??


15-07-2009 10:46:51

Via Xbox Live from your dashboard. When you go to "renew" your subscription, it'll tell you that instead of 1 month being $7, it's $1. Although this was last month, so I'm not sure if the promotion is still going on or not.


22-08-2009 21:35:36

I posted these a while ago, not sure if they still work but try a bunch of em.