my car was flooded..

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09-07-2009 20:51:51

it rained hard here last week, water got into my car... the next day I start the car, it worked but there was still water inside my car, so I was driving for about 2mins then suddenly the gas pedal wasn't going thru, so i turned the car off, then i couldn't turn it back on anymore...

I let it dry for a whole week, all of that water is now gone, carpet was dryvac, I tried to start it, it just doesn't engage.. it just keeps making noise but it just doesn't engage.

I really really would like to take it to a shop.. but all my money went to fall semester classes.. Does anyone have an idea? Battery is good btw! I brought it autozone to charge it for free! it is good as new!


10-07-2009 14:00:21

But if water got in your exhaust and you started it and it sucked it in, for the loss. My car was flooded, luckily all that happened was it smelled like septic and swamp water for 6 months.


10-07-2009 17:47:56

You'd have better luck getting answers to this question on a car/mechanic oriented forum.


10-07-2009 18:19:09

Yea I will try on that