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18-06-2009 11:27:32

Me and my friend have been talking about making a podcast for a long time and well... it's finally happened. If you guys want to give it a listen you can listen to it at...

Or you can subscribe to it on itunes. It's our first show, so it's a little shaky but we have hopes for it becoming a lot better. Let me know what you think


19-06-2009 00:17:11

People still do Podcasts?


24-06-2009 15:21:21

[quote993c3202d2="EatChex89"]People still do Podcasts?[/quote993c3202d2]
yes, and we just finished recording episode 2. should be out later tonight after editing. We're now on iTunes. Nice Man.


20-07-2009 18:40:10

Anyways, episode 4 is out now. We were featured on iTunes under the
"New and Notable" section. Check us out


20-07-2009 19:24:42

lol podcasts, what are your your podcasts about?


21-07-2009 15:45:19

It's a comedy podcast. Basically just us talking about random stuff that we think is funny. Just whatever pretty much, haha.


21-07-2009 23:01:27

I used to like Distorted View before he started his premium podcast and pretty much left the free one to shit with a bunch of advertising for the premium one.


22-07-2009 09:15:38

Downloading now. I'll check it out tonight.


23-07-2009 13:51:45

Sweet, let me know what you think


23-07-2009 17:55:37

Checked out the first 3 eps so far. Which one are you? lol
Pretty funny. I found myself laughing out loud in some spots. )
I like how you just have random friends as guests.


23-07-2009 20:18:43

Haha, glad you like it man. I'm Brian btw. And yeah we got some requests that our shows are better when we have no guest so we tried that out on episode 4 and got some good feedback. Were thinking of making it mostly solo shows (just me and Zach) and then only occasionally have guests. Episode 5 should be pretty funny, we've gotten some good voicemails so far. Episode 4 was my favorite so far though. Thanks for listening.


31-07-2009 14:14:10

Episode 5 is out, check it out


01-08-2009 14:15:00

I was thinking about sending in a question in like a "Dear Niceman" advice request...


03-08-2009 10:40:51

If you mean you wanna call in with a question and youre seeking advice, go for it!


04-11-2009 12:48:09

Did you know that I'm Anthony R that emails?