Nice Surprise...

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17-06-2009 22:51:17

So like many of us, I got out of the freebie game a while back (late 2006). It was too addicting and it consumed much of my time. I cleared out my important sites, and just stopped.

Well, I remembered that I hadn't actually finished flashipods4free. I remembered that 2 of my refs wouldn't go green.

So I look at the site, and there I have 3 refs.

And they added the new(er) shuffle (probably did this a year ago, but I haven't checked in almost 3 years).

This cost 3 refs!

SCORE! I got approved, and I'm getting another nice thing!


17-06-2009 23:59:01

Sweeeeet. Enjoy. D


18-06-2009 10:21:43

logging in now i have 3 greens there too! thanks for the update


18-06-2009 10:31:47

just realized i have no use for a 2gb shuffle...cant really put shit on that


18-06-2009 11:18:22

just checked mine, still 46 yellows, no greens...


19-06-2009 20:51:09

Too many yellows to count. 30 greens. FI4F is one I haven't promoted too much though. I've got 147 greens on YouriPodTouch4Free, heh.


21-06-2009 08:17:40

man thats alot of greens...get me a couple )