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03-06-2009 23:55:26

Anyone else into this site? I'll admit it, I thought it was kind of lame at first... but now im hooked on it. Basically what you do is make a little brute, guy or girl, choose what he looks like(kind of..) and have him fight against other brutes. They gain XP and level up giving them new powers and weapons to use. There are tournaments daily and even pets that you can bring into battle with you. They are also making it into a game for your iPhone or iPod Touch so you can play it wherever.
If you want to give it a try I'd appreciate it if you became my pupil and I become the first person you fight. I get something like 1xp everytime you level and when you sign up. Not really too significant but you get to fight me first.

I don't really think there is any strategy for the game though. Mostly luck, but it's important to choose a good opponent in the arena. Post your link after you sign up so we can check out your stats/weapons/abilities.


04-06-2009 05:35:35

Heicotane is...



04-06-2009 10:41:44

Touche, sir.