A Real Stumper - PayPal Money Up For Grabs!

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02-06-2009 10:42:29

So here's the scoop. I connect to my router, and about 10 seconds later, get disconnected. This happens non-stop and the amount of frustration that is going on right now is sick. I can't play WoW, poker, rummy, watch porn, etc... It just fades in and out. I've included a small, unaltered video (except for double speed) and would like anyone to watch it, and I know it's not much, but anyone that can give me a solution to this here problem gets a whole big whoooping $5 via PayPal. I'm usually really good with computers but this has stumped me. I've used this router for almost 4 years no problem and this has just started within a week ago. It's weird because yesterday I woke up and it was working decently, only DC'd like twice in an hour, but now it's going berserk.



02-06-2009 10:45:08

Reset your wireless router back to it's defaults and start fresh, setup the basic stuff and get it working then work up with the settings, give that a try

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02-06-2009 10:51:47

Step 1 Buy a new router
Step 2 Give J4 $5 paypal

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