Can you guess these actors?

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27-05-2009 09:04:19

I got this from a buddy. Each image is created by combining two famous actors. Can you guess which ones?

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27-05-2009 09:56:19

[spoiler88fad39eb3]First one no idea.

Second one Eastwood and Nickelson

Third one Pacino and Monroe?[/spoiler88fad39eb3]


27-05-2009 10:05:23

[spoiler53fb566826]Hugh Laurie and the guy from Worlds Dirtiest Jobs?
Jack Nicholson and Clint Eastwood
Al Pacino and Marylin Monroe (or the chick from Who Killed Roger Rabbit ;) )[/spoiler53fb566826]


27-05-2009 11:01:52

I don't know how to do that fancy text. but here's my guesses

1 Hugh Lawry and Dustin Hoffman
2. Clint Eastwood and Jack Nicholson
3 Adrian Brody


27-05-2009 15:51:02

Only one that I was thinking different, is I thought the 3rd was Stallone and Monroe. I'm probably wrong though.


27-05-2009 18:33:26

[quote5cb995ae56="Armstrong"]I don't know how to do that fancy text[/quote5cb995ae56]

Use the Spoiler tag [spoiler5cb995ae56] [/spoiler5cb995ae56]


28-05-2009 10:55:57

i think the smile on the first one is robert deniro