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12-05-2009 17:03:21


Basically it connects you to a random person and you shoot the shit about whatever. I ended up talking to a 19 year old girl from Finland (apparently...).

You ah i see
You so what do you do in finland for fun?
Stranger no much i go out and take clothes off in snow
Stranger i joke
You lol that's sexy ;)
Stranger oh no
Stranger i do it to go to toilet
Stranger it no sexy[/quote5526b52026]


[quote5526b52026]Stranger you lucky though
Stranger in my schoo;
Stranger boy was climbing top of building, i think like beam like you did, and he feel off
Stranger this was without any teacher and he broke head but landing on it
Stranger we all crown roung
Stranger round
Stranger it was bad
Stranger now all ways teacher in school room
Stranger oh no i make my viallge seem bad
Stranger it really nice
You did he die?
Stranger we have wool cow
Stranger yes yes he die
You oh no...
You that's sad
Stranger on way to hospital it take long time to get there
Stranger but my wool cow, he live out side
You does he look like this
You http//
Stranger he called juho
Stranger i look
Stranger YES YES that him
Stranger you know him too?[/quote5526b52026]

[quote5526b52026]Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger Hey, Stranger. Age, sex, location?
You 18, female, US
Stranger You like boys or girls.
Stranger ??
You lol jk
You i am both male and female
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
or save this log or send us feedback.[/quote5526b52026]


12-05-2009 20:23:03

[quotefa24ad181c]Stranger hey
You Hey
You Are you real?
Stranger yup
Stranger im mj
You What's that short for?
Stranger michale jackson
Stranger are you a little boy?
You If it means you'll play with me in a way that's illegal in most countries, then yes, I'm very little.
Stranger hahah
Stranger asl/
You 7/m/neverland
You You?
Stranger haha 44/m/neverland
Stranger but i havnt seen you yet?
Stranger where are you
You On the big Ferris Wheel with Ferris Bueller and Anna Farris.
Stranger oh really
Stranger im at the minigo round meet me there
You k, brb[/quotefa24ad181c]


12-05-2009 20:30:46

I've known about this site for a little less than a month (whenever it was posted on

I have actually had a couple very intellectual conversations with people. I am fairly addicted to this site. Maybe because I'm so damn alone!



12-05-2009 20:38:22

This is the best I got...

[quote509065e4f5] Stranger hello
You hey
Stranger wat r u wearing?
You asl
Stranger 11/m/us
You 11?
Stranger i mean 18
You ha, ill just disconnect so you can find a chick
Stranger i like guys too
You like i said, ill disconnect so you can find a chick


12-05-2009 21:21:40

[quote5abbb2d639]Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You hai 2 u
You Dude, I was thinking the exact same thing
You I know, right?
You So I said to him, I says, you see that priest, he has SHOES on!!! lol
You But then I fell over.
You Have you ever fallen over before?
Stranger oh hi
Stranger i forgot i opened this chat sry
You You should be.
Stranger i have fallen over
You How many times?
Stranger hard to say exactly
Stranger less than a dozen
You Me too! I've fallen over 6 and a half times.
Stranger half?
You Yeah, I stopped myself before I hit the floor.
Stranger oh man i wasnt even counting those
You Saved by my mittens again.
Stranger if i count all the times like that the halves will add up
You Oh you better get counting.
You It's important to know how many times you've fallen over EXACTLY
Stranger why??
Stranger i'll never be able to remember exactly
You I always get asked that at job interviews.
You You sure do like to type.
Stranger yep
You Is it a hobby of yours?
You I had a hobby once.
Stranger you could say that
Stranger what was it?
You Collecting.
You Actually it was more like picking stuff up of the ground.
You Ok Ok, I was homeless and was rummaging through the bins for food.
You I do like buttons though.
You Have you ever had a button?
You I have.
Stranger like on your shirt?
Stranger or what
You This one time, at button camp, I managed to fit an entire button all the way....yeah on your shirt, or on your jacket.
You You can wear them anywhere you know?
You Yeah, it's like band camp, but for buttons.
Stranger ...
You You pay about $1,200 and you sit in the woods with other people who enjoy the company of buttons and you tell stories around the campfire and toast buttons (like marshmallows).
Stranger do you eat them?
Stranger why would you toast buttons?
You Yeah, toasting buttons and not eating them is like buying shoes and never throwing them at a train.
Stranger okey
Stranger somebody in the other window just told me to use a 'search program'
Stranger wtf is a search program
You A program to search. Oooooo search for buttons!
Stranger hummm
You Or humming.
Stranger it's late, i think i should go to bed
You Dream of buttons!
Stranger i'll do my best
Stranger bai
You 2 u[/quote5abbb2d639]


12-05-2009 22:55:58

lol tsj. lol

[quote447fda0a3f]You harlo
Stranger hi
Stranger where are you from,?
You the ring world in halo
You it's fun
Stranger I am a Chinese, you do.?
You you should come visit
You that's cool
You chinese people are welcome here
Stranger thank you [/quote447fda0a3f]


12-05-2009 23:45:53


and after reading "c" watch http//

or watch before. either way


13-05-2009 05:11:38

Buahahahahaha @ some of the retarded shit TSJ comes up with!


29-05-2009 22:06:31

I'm from NJ.

[quote014fc081d8]Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger Hullo.
You hey there champ
You hows it going boss?
Stranger Are you trying to be a cockney? I'm a Londoner myself.
You Oh my
You really?
You where from?
Stranger I'm currently in St Andrews, but I'm originally from Wimbledon.
Stranger Yourself?
You That's crazy, I'm from St Andres too!
You Andrewsli
Stranger Ok, you're making this up! You're in St Andrews now?
You Yessir, student at the uni
Stranger Oh my! Which faculty?
You I'm a computer science student currently
Stranger In halls, or private?
You halls
Stranger Which?
You Currently in melville
You sorry me mum was calling
Stranger I'm in McIntosh. The probabilities on this are ridiculous.
You you know Lara Meischke?
You the warden
Stranger Yes, she's my warden.
You yea shes my aunt
You this is unbelievable
Stranger Oh my!
Stranger I'm physics/philosophy.
You oh thats awesome man
Stranger If you know me I'm going to go crazy, my name's Jordan, Jordan Greenaway.
You Jordan from Mcintosh...I kid you not when I say that sounds familiar
You let me think
Stranger I have to tell Lara this at breakfast.
You haha she'll be delighted
Stranger What's your name so she doesn't think I'm making this up.
You Scott Answorth
You she calls me Scotty
You she'll know...I cant believe the odds of this
Stranger Sorry, just going to Facebook stalk you.
You haha i feel like im the only one who doesnt have a facebook
You never jumped on the wagon
Stranger What?! And you're a comp. sci. major?
You hah yea I know, everyone says that
Stranger Are you just making this up? Have you just google'd the uni, etc, etc.
You haha no
You I was about to ask you the same thing
Stranger Ok, a validation question. What was Lara's original degree?
You Well from what I know she focuses on biology
Stranger I just google'd Lara, you coulda' seen she's a Dr. in the biology department. Lemme' find something from her facebook. It's not that I don't trust you, just that this has wild probabilities.
You hahaha
You theres no need to be skeptical
Stranger Aha! (1) Lara's birthday, and (2) the Uni where Lara got her original degree. ) Then I'm done. Sorry.
Stranger It was the comp. sci. student without a facebook account that threw me. Just checking.
Stranger And why was your mum calling this early?
You hah i dont know this off hand, let me ask my mum, shell know
Stranger Cool.
You not calling, im currently home right now and she was calling me over
You be right back
You ugh she fell asleep already, i honestly dont know my friend
Stranger Where are you atm?
You but aunt lara isnt the closest of my aunts, just got to know her when i started attending uni
You at me mums house
Stranger Which country though?
You scotland
Stranger And your Mum was up a minute ago, at 5AM?
You she woke up to use the john
You and asked me what i was doing up so late
You i was hoping she was still awake
Stranger Call, which year are you in>
You but shes not
Stranger ?li
Stranger Coolli
You 2nd year
Stranger Going into 3rd?
You yes
Stranger Which modules are ya' gunna' take next semester? Anything in math, physics, or phil?
Stranger I'm taking all the phil. modules and physics 2B.
Stranger And linear math 3rd year.
You im actually taking ancient philosophy
Stranger You mean PY2003?
You yea
Stranger So am I.
You i had PY1005 but i got out of it
You ancient sounds more interesting
Stranger You mean you were on PY1005 this year?
You yes
You i had planned to take it
Stranger I done PY1005 this year.
You i never actually did it
Stranger It was a reasonable course, had a visiting prof. for Austalia National I wasn't so keen on.
Stranger fromli
You yea why not?
Stranger Not keen on his style, although he's the world leader on paraconsistent logic, Graham Priest, know him?
You sounds familiar
Stranger I imagine we have Timmerman and Broadie for Ancient.
You haven't heard much about Broadie
You Timmerman I've met, he seems nice
Stranger Do you attend St Andrews' philosophy society?
You no I dont
You not enough time in my crazy life haha
You im trying to think of where i know youre name, are you first year?
Stranger Yes, second year entry for physics and math though.
You i feel like my friend rachel has mentioned you
You you know rachel bailey?
Stranger Yes, OK, seriously I'm weirded out.
You haha you do? no way!!
Stranger At the back of my head I still though you were making this all up.
Stranger thoughtli
You this is surreal
Stranger Rachel's in my academic family.
You thats insanity
You i love that girl, she saved my life
Stranger Literally, or metaphorically?
You honestly i dont know
You i was just having a lot of problems and talking to her was the best thing
You my mums sort of an alcoholic
You and it drives me crazy sometimes
Stranger But you live in St Andrews most of the year, right?
You yea i do, but i worry about her when im not home
Stranger Understandable.
Stranger Where in Scotland d'you live?
Stranger How far from St Andrews that is.
You i live local to the uni, about 15 mins away
You in Fife
Stranger Did you take any math/physics modules this year?
You i took CS1010
You but thats comp sci
You thats the closest i took to math this year
Stranger How was it?
You pie haha
You i feel like im the only one that did well though
You christ mate ive got a terrible headache
You as much as i dont wanna leave this insanity, i should go to bed soon
You you rooting for boyle?
Stranger I'm still dubious. ) I'll talk to Lara tomorrow. Boyle?
You susan, you watch britains got talent?
Stranger Nope.
You oh man youre missing out, shes a scot!
You but anyways my friend, maybe ill see you around the uni
Stranger In halls next year?
You yea but im truthfully undecided
Stranger On what?
You whether or not im gonna stay in the halls
You but thats a whole other story
Stranger Have you got a place in Melville again?
Stranger Or a different hall?
You yea i do
You no melville again
You i like it but im not sure with my mum and all
You shes getting bad
Stranger You should talk to Lara.
You I may just do that
You but right now i really need to sleep
You it was nice meeting you jordan
Stranger Lara's a member of the acamdec support team 'member, if there's anyone who can help you it's her.
Stranger Cya.
You bye buddy[/quote014fc081d8]


31-05-2009 16:52:00

how did you get all the information? Google?


31-05-2009 17:57:40

[quote7d4297a562="EatChex89"]how did you get all the information? Google?[/quote7d4297a562]

Yea and his Facebook.


31-05-2009 20:03:17

Lol good work. lol

+troll for you


01-06-2009 08:58:02

[quote100419bac7="Killer722"][quote100419bac7="EatChex89"]how did you get all the information? Google?[/quote100419bac7]

Yea and his Facebook.[/quote100419bac7]

I'll give you a +troll too. That's really good, I probably would not have thought of that.


01-06-2009 17:22:16

Stranger hello
You hi
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

You hi
Stranger hey
You who are you
Stranger a sex boy
Stranger and u?
You bill o'reilly
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You fap?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger are u 22 m from spain im 18 f california we talked earlier
You yeah
Stranger really
You si
Stranger can i ask u to prove it
Stranger how did our last convo end
You you prove it. how do i know you're the 18/f
Stranger bcz im looking for u
You send your pics again
Stranger i never snet pics
Stranger its not u
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You a4f?
Stranger wanna help me bring back speed metal?
You are there any bad words? i go to church every sunday
Stranger get a life
Stranger god doesnt exist
You you need to find jesus
Stranger you need to read a real book
You god loves you even if you don't believe
You god will heal you
Stranger thats not stupid or fake
You god forgives you
Stranger i hope your kidding
You i hope you're kidding about the speed metal
You that's deader than god
You lulz
You have disconnected.



01-06-2009 20:56:37

[quotea500a75ebb]Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You hey
Stranger hi
Stranger this is my first time to chat
Stranger on this site
You ah i see
You where you from
Stranger from
Stranger japan
You ah i see
Stranger and you?
You usa
Stranger oh really?
You yep
Stranger i am not good at english
You thats ok
Stranger so where do you live?
You in iowa
You you?
Stranger kobe
You bryant?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.[/quotea500a75ebb]

[quotea500a75ebb]Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger hi
Stranger asl? if you don't mind me asking?
You hi
You 22/m/usa you
Stranger 19 f uk
You i see, hows your afternoon?
Stranger very hot, yours?
You boring
Stranger wanna live things up?
You yea sure
Stranger i'm really horny right now, have your way with me[/quotea500a75ebb]


01-06-2009 21:59:19

[quotec676e35500]Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You what is your name
Stranger my name is wesley
You where do you live?
Stranger calif
Stranger u?
You what color is your hair?
Stranger brown
You how tall are you?
Stranger 5.3
Stranger u?
You are you skinny or fat?
Stranger skinny
Stranger but i must ask
Stranger y
You what is your eye color?
Stranger brown
You what city in california do you live in?
Stranger cupertino
You this is of great interest to me
Stranger LOL
Stranger what are your top ten favorite cereals and why?
You what is your skin color?
Stranger I can't tell. You see, I have more zits than skin so its kinda red with yellow puss.
Stranger I live in a basement.
You would you like to meet me in serra park tomorrow?
Stranger i would but my basement is locked
Stranger it only opens when its time for me to feed
Stranger then they lock it
Stranger (
Stranger but its gon b k
You i have lost interest in your curtains
You have disconnected.
or save this log or send us feedback.[/quotec676e35500]


02-06-2009 19:53:13

[quote38e1177c96]Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger eat a dick
You why dont you
Stranger because i'm not gay
You well thats what i was thinking too
Stranger ok
Stranger dick
Your conversational partner has disconnected.[/quote38e1177c96]


24-06-2009 18:31:42

[quote1664e1947c]Stranger If you know me I'm going to go crazy, my name's Jordan, Jordan Greenaway.
You Jordan from Mcintosh...I kid you not when I say that sounds familiar[/quote1664e1947c]

It's wonderful what a Google search for your name can turn up.