If you are bored and want to write a simple script for me.

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05-05-2009 14:03:45

I have looked everywhere online and I haven't been able to find anything that was online or OS X compatible. What I basically need is a simple program that will beep every 15 seconds. Ideally it will wait 15 seconds, beep, then beep again 5 seconds later—or even better, I could set the program to my own intervals. The important thing being that it resets automatically, so I don't have to press a button every 15 seconds.

Basically I am doing some physical therapy for my shoulder and I don't want to have to keep a constant eye on my stopwatch, especially since some of the exercises require lying face-down on the floor and make that pretty difficult. I can't imagine the script would be very difficult to make, but I haven't found anything like it that works for Macs (or is online) and I don't know how to write it myself. I'm sure I'm not the first person to look for such a program either.

Or, if anyone can direct me to a site where I can teach myself to write something like that myself, I'd see if I can hack something up.


05-05-2009 15:00:36

delay 15
delay 5
delay 15
[ .... ]

come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


05-05-2009 17:46:37

Awesome, man, thanks. I figured it would be pretty easy to do with applescript but I don't know the first thing about it.