whats with the slacking?

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20-04-2009 00:42:43

Hey its been a while since i've visited the free site community and notice there is nearly not the same amount of traffic at this forum anymore? whats goin on? did the advertisers finnally catch on and stop paying the companies?


20-04-2009 05:21:17

I think I made a lot of them mad. (


20-04-2009 07:54:19

[quote7df26d447f="mistertomlinson"]I think I made a lot of them mad. ([/quote7df26d447f]

Nah, that's not it... horse


21-04-2009 10:21:31

Traffic is pretty disappointing. If anyone is looking to trade for referrals, talk to me. I can do almost all of them now. Tell people to join and start making money and get free stuff!