Earn Residual Income through people search engines.

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17-04-2009 11:33:21

People search is one of the most highly searched keywords on the web. Why not get in on the craze and start earning income.

Sign up today and I'll pay you Referral Fees whenever you refer Qualified Users who Affiliatize, Monetize, or Advertise their own niche search engines. I'm advertising your search engine for FREE, to give you a taste of its income potential. As promised, I guarantee commissions of at least $125 within 24 hours of me starting your FREE ads (if I haven't already credited you $125).

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If you are interested and would like to know more leave a message. Also for those who are truly interested there is a Webinar tonight at 5 pm EST Here is the link to see more information on that.



17-04-2009 15:36:29

You've got to be kidding me. Member since Dec 2007, 11 TR and you post this crap? I know you know better. I'll leave it to CG to deal with your ban since he's the one who ran across this first. And while your "not a referral link" link sure looks suspiciously so, the one in your sig is pretty obviously one too. So I'll be editing those out and closing the thread now, kthxbye.