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12-04-2009 17:55:06

RewardChief is all about you! Your time worth money. Just complete offers, surveys and get paid. Not from US, UK, CA don't worry you are still welcome to join. Just build your referrals! . With the referral system the site have in place it won't be problem for you to reach cashout. Here's how the referral system works You will get 0.20 cents for every [b8dd56a1a2c]free [/b8dd56a1a2c]offers you fist level complete, and 0.05 for every free offer you second level complete. Imagine have 10 refs in your first level doing at least 2 offers a day, in 2 weeks you should able to reach that. Cashout is only $5.00

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12-04-2009 19:21:47

ooh, an MLM? Awesome.


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12-04-2009 20:52:25

[quote0d6149dc0c="doylnea"]ooh, an MLM? Awesome.[/quote0d6149dc0c]

Not a MLM lol, its a "GPT" (Get Paid To) site just like those freebies site, but with hassle free. Your refs don't need to go green or whatever to get paid.


12-04-2009 21:28:25

If a mod removes a link from your post, maybe don't put it back. If you want to advertise this site, see with admin (if it's not a MLM - not going to bother looking into it too much).


14-04-2009 14:48:18

link plz


15-04-2009 11:34:26

[quotea871edd22e="KeithA"]link plz[/quotea871edd22e]

A mod kept removed it. I don't even add my ref link to it. I don't see any problem with that.

Good news people. The site going to set the min cashout to 0.25 cents on 04-16-2009 to build trust and able to attract more users. Users would able to request payout, and get they money within 24 hours. Please join now the link is the same as the name of the site cry


15-04-2009 13:43:12

You did have a referral link in there, which is why I removed it.


15-04-2009 14:50:33

[quote2aaf33cfc7="doylnea"]You did have a referral link in there, which is why I removed it.[/quote2aaf33cfc7]

It was my mistake the first time, but i added the link a second time without the ref link, and still got removed.


15-04-2009 21:03:07

I think any individual with average intelligence can figure out the site URL using the title of the thread. (Which I think might've been the point of Keith's post...)


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16-04-2009 14:03:31

WTB link


18-04-2009 13:58:14

link plz!

lolz P


22-04-2009 00:34:04

Link for me!



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07-05-2009 07:11:36

The site is having this 25 cents cashout promotion.. Try to get one approve offer and get your money within 24 hours.


08-05-2009 10:17:53

Pardon me for butting in, but this strikes a humerus ? cord in me.

If you know me, then you will know this wont be a "short" story, but I'll try ;)

There is another forum, that shall remain nameless (you'll figure it out), in which trade thread posting contests are allowed.

Referrals aren't exactly jumping into my arms, lol, so I decided to join in on them. Made a decent amount of extra money, and kept searching for more and better paying ones to join in on.

Found one that paid $50, but it was a "post the most," meaning that in order to win, you had to be the one person that had the most posts in that persons thread. There's a huge "duh," but anyway.

Started posting in it, and had about 400 posts to catch up to one gal, who had chased another poster out of the contest, and we fought like a couple of cougars over 2-3 days. I said to heck with that, and let her do her thing for the next 27 days. I kept an eye on it; though, and made money in other contests. Come to find out, everyone left that one alone, thinking they would never catch up to that chick. About 5 days towards the end of the particular contest, I decided to go for it. I busted my a@@ off!!! Absolutely no joke. I had to post like a crazed woman to catch, pass, and keep my lead. Two days straight, with 2 hours sleep, the gal that was in the lead, put up the white flag. Yippy! I won!

When I had first started posting in her thread, the owner, thanked me, encouraged me to keep going, and then chatted a bit with the posters, kept us apprised of who was in the lead, etc... This was the way of all the contest holders.

All the contest holders normally had about 10 to 25 TR, and were building their thread post count to be more appealing to newcomers. She didn't seem to be an exception, though her TR was at the lower end.

At the end of the contest, she didn't thank the posters, congratulate the winner, nothing. So I PM'd her, and thanked her for the opportunity to win the money. No reply.

Being patient, I just waited, thinking something could have happened that prevented her from getting on line. Well, she hadn't logged in since the 14th, and the contest ended the 15th. I decided after waiting for about a week, to check into her more.

I was able to review all of her threads and posts, and 98% revolved around getting referrals for a money making scheme, in which she believed she would receive a windfall guessed it, the 15th. Sounded exactly like what you are referring to set21.

Obviously she didn't get her money...she ruined her trading rep, and effectively ended what would/could have been a legitimate way to make extra cash. It became quite clear that she joined the freebie scene to get recruits, not to actually be a part of the trading community. She wanted the quick money. To this day, she hasn't logged in.

So, yeah, Yippy, I won. roll

On the brighter side, I've won about $300, over the last few months, in the other contests I've joined in on.

Oh, and could you plz post a link???

Maybe I should edit my sig


17-05-2009 13:08:44

The site really pays . Your can check a few payments screnshoot from their forum. I haven't reach payout yet when i do, i'll post it here.


17-05-2009 19:16:40

Please post your screnshoot in the "Brag Bag" forum (when the time comes)