cheap toner

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01-04-2009 19:16:46

what is a reliable place to buy printer toner? specifically HP Laserjet 1018


01-04-2009 22:09:49

If that cartridge can be refilled, I recommend TonerKits on eBay. I've bought from them many times with good luck. Otherwise, I've bought a number of cartridges on eBay as well, but you have to wait it out for a good price.


02-04-2009 06:48:11

I just bought a nice aio laser printer, i found a "aftermarket" toner for like 30 bux shipped on amazon. Reviews were great too. After you buy one toner, I was also suggested to buy toner kits on ebay to refill


02-04-2009 06:56:42

ive refilled ink cartridges before are toner refills easy?


02-04-2009 19:14:40

My favourite place to buy ink is . They have always been reliable, and I only live about 1hr from their actual warehouse so I can fuck them up if they fuck me up.