Random Email?

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31-03-2009 10:30:25

I just got this random e-mail from MJRewardz, a freebie site, today. Has

"CashCrate Auto Offer Completer
Tuesday, March 31, 2009 130 AM
"MJRewardz Admin" <JCooper>


This is a Cash Crate Auto Offer Completer. All you have to do is run the exe when you are logged into cash crate and it will do the offers in the background. Remember, when you use such a system, do not make more than 50$ daily to stay under the radar. Stay tuned I will be releasing a auto proxy account register so you can make 50+ accounts within minutes. Have fun. http//rapidshare.com/files/#######/gptbot.exe Enjoy."

Has anybody else gotten this? MJRewardz has a section here http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewforum.php?f=89

I'm assuming it's some kind of virus as it's a binary/.exe file.


31-03-2009 10:46:29

I got that as well.


31-03-2009 12:13:02

hahaha probably a virus


31-03-2009 13:25:32

Just got an e-mail from the real MJRewardz saying it wasn't from him, hmmm.


31-03-2009 14:02:05

It may not have been from him...

People can fake emails.