Hello community :)

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27-03-2009 07:23:03

I did not find a "post your introduction" or "say hello" forum, so I guess this is the forum I'll use )

Hello everyone! I discovered this site through a blog about legitimate ways to make money on the internet, and so far, I like what I see. Obviously this is the real deal, otherwise so many newbs like me wouldn't be joining ;-)

I am not a scammer or an organization. I am just a real person looking to do legitimate, mutually-beneficial trades. I want to help the community, because I know that ultimately, that's how I'll support my own growth. Please contact me if you want to work with a trader who is honest, efficient, and will communicate with you throughout the process.

I look forward to our mutual success.

PS, yes I am a noob, but I'm not an ignorant noob. I'm trying to read and learn as much as possible. Please forgive any small mistakes I might make as I try to learn this process. Work with me, and I'll work with you. Thanks.


27-03-2009 08:32:30

Welcome aboard!!!!


27-03-2009 10:42:05

Good to have you here.


27-03-2009 11:16:04

Hi and welcome!


27-03-2009 17:46:45

welcome! glad to see someone new in the freebie industry! )


27-03-2009 19:51:46

Hey girl how ya doing? You are the woman that I'm really pursuin'. I would like to get to know ya, can you gimme ya name, if you jot down ya number you'll get mine in exchange


27-03-2009 20:02:26

hello and welcome!!! glad to have you here!!


28-03-2009 06:52:27

Congratulations and welcome! Visit the Help forum if you have any questions, but all the real action is in The Trading Post



31-03-2009 09:42:03

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

I too am new here at this forum but a veteran when it comes to freebie sites so all I can say to you is it is legit. There is lots of money to be made and I hope you make it big!