The weather is super nice...

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06-03-2009 09:19:10

80 degrees, sun, slight breeze. On days like this clothes should be optional. Of course I do the redneck and never wear a shirt anywhere on days like today.

And tonight I am having crawfish and beer with my ex girlfriend/baby's mom. I am hoping to beat the bottom out of her and drop her like a smoking habit. Should be awesome good time.


06-03-2009 09:27:25

You rednecks sure do love to beat your women.


06-03-2009 22:08:19

how are things with your ex anyways? if you're still having dinner together and whatnot


08-03-2009 10:46:36

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Fucking boring-ass weather. We've had some nice wind gusts blowing dust and allergens all over though.


08-03-2009 11:37:28

59 degrees in CT on my spring break. What a nice day lol. Too bad tomorrow it will be in the 30s again.


08-03-2009 18:03:16

Well I gave her a chance and she sold me out at the last fucking minute. So I switched her out with another woman and proceeded to follow through with the original plan.


08-03-2009 19:35:30

You know what dude, women say guys are scumbags. Fuck that, I have heard of way more scum bag women than I have heard of men. I'm not blind. I'm a good judge of character and I know when a guy is being a douche, but I honestly feel like women do more shady things than men, but brush it off under the pretense that they are innocent, vulnerable women.


09-03-2009 15:23:55

I agree 100% TravMan162. Us guys can definitely be douchebags, but at the same time, I seem to hear more stories about woman bein assholes. then again i do go to a college with 70% girls, so my view may not be the same as others lol.


09-03-2009 22:34:35

Wow, I wish i was at your school haha. I think all the women fly south for the winter around here