Not receiving notifications of messages anymore.

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C Barry Smith

27-02-2009 13:43:05

Can anyone tell me why I'm no longer receiving notifications of messages?
I have bought a new Acer computer and all other functions are very normal. I'm also using Vista. Someone please help!



27-02-2009 14:34:27

Do you mean notification of private messages, or of subscribed thread posts?

Someone else mentioned this in another thread, so we may have a mail server problem.


27-02-2009 15:40:38

Yeah, I get nothing for PMs anymore.


27-02-2009 16:31:00

Me neither.


27-02-2009 17:23:29

I don't see anything obviously wrong. Filesystem has space, logs don't indicate a problem that I can see. In the interest of time I may just reboot the box and hope it clears up.


27-02-2009 23:47:38

David, did you check Snopes for the answer?


01-03-2009 09:50:31

[quote3f0f2aa3c1="theysayjump"]David, did you check Snopes for the answer?[/quote3f0f2aa3c1]
lol I thought something along those lines when I first read this. Brilliant minds, and all that...

EDIT btw I think I figured out the problem, but it's looking like I might need Admin's help to fix it. Please bear with us.


04-03-2009 18:53:55

Fixed. DNS was busted on the FiPG server. I just happened to figure that out while hacking the mailer code to use an external SMTP server, which turned out to be unnecessary.


04-03-2009 22:14:37

Wowz, is barry our oldest member yet?


05-03-2009 07:05:08

Thanks D

C Barry Smith

09-03-2009 14:17:03


C Barry Smith

11-03-2009 17:21:41

I received a couple messages, then last night I was back to square 1 again. I got 2 private messages for trades and I wasn't notified!


11-03-2009 20:42:51

Still works for me, I just got one. Not sure why you didn't but everything looks kosher on the server this time.


12-03-2009 06:38:01

In other words, you're sol Barry.