So i was replacing my ipod battery...

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18-02-2009 17:00:24

and I bought this replacement tool kit pack that including these two screw driver, plier-like tools and the battery of course.

I jabbed it into the side of my ipod video like they did in the picture but it didn't work and then the plastic tool (plastic! argh) went blunt so I had to use a metal flathead and smash my way. Replacing the battery itself was pretty easy though. But the sides of my ipod are all smashed in and screwed up cause i tried so hard to pry it open lol

anyone else have experience replacing ipod batteries?

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18-02-2009 20:01:55

I replaced my iPod photo, the plastic tool is shit. I used a very small screw driver to pry it open. I damaged the side very slightly but it looks ok.

I actually opened my iBook up two nights ago in an attempt to replace the DC In board, but after I closed it up I realised that I didn't check to make sure the board was actually plugged in all the way. So I have to open it up and check. Hopefully the board is bad so I can exchange it.

Also, opening up the laptop is not easy. There are latches all over the side of the casing (at least the bottom of it) and it's a bitch to get them all. The worst part is next to the optical drive; I had to force it open and broke it a little.


18-02-2009 21:26:03

I used's guide when I replaced my SO's HD in her iBook. The guide was spot-on.


19-02-2009 00:10:54

[quotedd47ca4c43="doylnea"]I used's guide when I replaced my SO's HD in her iBook. The guide was spot-on.[/quotedd47ca4c43]

I am using's guide. It's also a great guide, but it still doesn't make it a pain in the ass to do.


19-02-2009 09:59:39

you should have been patient and used a guitar pick. I've only messed with the insides of my iPod once and it fixed it all up!


19-02-2009 15:22:29

Hahaha. I remember replacing my iPod battery. That tool IS shit! I did the exact same thing. It was blunt as shit by the time I realized it was next to useless. I ended up grabbing a butter knife and getting kinda rough. Luckily, I didn't do any damage. If I remember correctly, you couldn't even tell it had been opened.