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12-02-2009 17:54:30

someone posted this in the comments over at thebiglead


some are too funny to be real



12-02-2009 17:57:17

[quote192f9b2eaa]Today, I found out that when I masturbate at night while watching internet porn I cast a huge shadow on the curtain and the entire street is able to see it. FML[/quote192f9b2eaa]

LOL lol


12-02-2009 23:31:51

yeah there's some funny stuff on there. i cant imagine it all being real tho. dont really care tho. still makes me laugh lol


12-02-2009 23:40:45

Think I saw this on reddit. My favorite from the first page
[quote75668b7563]Today, I was volunteering at a nursing home and I was calling bingo numbers. And one woman stood up and started making noises, I asusmed she had won and I started clapping. She then fell on the floor and died of a heart attack. I essentially applauded her death. FML[/quote75668b7563]


13-02-2009 07:18:08

[quote7ca2c31696]Today, when my boyfriend and I were lying in bed, he grabbed my double chin and goes "gobble, gobble". FML[/quote7ca2c31696]


13-02-2009 16:37:00

[quotec563e3a935]Today, my boss called me into his office to show me the web site of a potential business partner. When he began to type 'virginia' into google, it auto-completed his search with his recent search for 'virgin boy assholes'. I have to go on business trip with him tomorrow. I'm a young guy. FML[/quotec563e3a935]


13-02-2009 21:23:41

[quote2afa57e469=""]Today, I was pestering a co-worker, so she jokingly stated "I'll bury you!" and I replied "I'll bury your mom!". Her moms funeral was last week. FML[/quote2afa57e469]


14-02-2009 04:10:25

[quote206ea8d10f]Today, I was going down on a girl. When I looked up she was texting. FML[/quote206ea8d10f]



14-02-2009 09:44:56

[quotedd826e5e11]Today, my Mom came to pay me a short visit at college. She handed me some flowers, which were a Valentine's Day gift, because she "figured I wouldn't be getting any from anyone else this year." FML[/quotedd826e5e11]


14-02-2009 10:37:11

This is my favorite that I've seen so far...

[quote73a545c3df]Today, I was talking to my parents about feeling insecure with my "beach body" as Spring Break keeps getting closer and closer. My dad proceeded to warn me by saying, "Don't wear a gray swimsuit. People will try to roll you back into the ocean". [/quote73a545c3df]


14-02-2009 16:50:29

lol most people here in college just say "FML", but it's a fad that only sorority sisters use now. but that website is hilarious...... lol oh schadenfreude!


14-02-2009 18:37:25

[quote20a6f70935]Today, I cancelled out of a video chat with my boyfriend to go take a shit. I took my computer with me to look at Facebook. It took three minutes for me to realize I was still on video chat. FML[/quote20a6f70935]


15-02-2009 21:05:07

[quote99cfac3893]Today, I received my passport in the mail. They got my birthdate wrong. Then I picked up my birth certificate that I had sent in with the application. Turns out my parents have been celebrating my birthday on the wrong day for 16 years. FML[/quote99cfac3893]


[quote99cfac3893]Today, I drove my girlfriend home around 11 to her garage where we start to have sex. When she comes to climax she slips and hits her head. Her parents heard the crash and came down, we were both still naked and she was unconscious. FML[/quote99cfac3893]


[quote99cfac3893]Today, I was tutoring kids at an elementary school. One kid messed up my hair. I said, "Why'd you do that??" He said, "I have lice, now you have lice too!" FML[/quote99cfac3893]


21-02-2009 22:17:42

lol This site is funny as hell


05-04-2009 16:44:04

Today, at my job as a cashier, a man and his 3-year old son got in line. The father said, "Give this to the pretty lady," looking at me. The kid looks at me, looks at his dad, and walks over to the next cashier. FML



05-04-2009 19:42:51

man the FML craze has hit my social network like a tsunami, everyone is using it left and right! FML.

anyone else notice this?


06-04-2009 08:13:02

[quote2f40a2f3d6="akalic"]man the FML craze has hit my social network like a tsunami, everyone is using it left and right! FML.

anyone else notice this?[/quote2f40a2f3d6]
Ive been using it wayyy too much ( FML.


08-04-2009 00:28:47

[quote2f1404d661="x323smostwantedx"][quote2f1404d661="akalic"]man the FML craze has hit my social network like a tsunami, everyone is using it left and right! FML.

anyone else notice this?[/quote2f1404d661]
Ive been using it wayyy too much ( FML.[/quote2f1404d661]

Ever since I found out about it I check it at least 3 times a day. I have not missed a single one since this topic creation. FML


08-04-2009 23:02:45

These just really made my day! Now I have a place to go to cheer up whenever I'm down. Thanks Guys!


22-04-2009 00:36:29

Ahaha this site rocks my socks!


27-11-2009 13:14:15

haven't been here in forever

Today, I was talking to my boyfriend about how I'm self conscious about my weight. He looks at me and says, "Don't worry babe, I've always been kind of a chubby chaser." FML