AIM Becomes (slightly) Fun Again.

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03-02-2009 00:17:59

So for those of you that use AIM, have any of you been messaged by a screenname with a "Coho" suffix?

Basically it's a social networking project created by project-upstream[=http//]project-upstream. Not much info is given out on the page, but if you do a bit of Googling, you'll find that it basically connects two people together by sending either a random message.

Both screennames are masked so to either individual it will appear from a screenname with a suffix of "Coho" or "Salmon" (there is one more that escapes my mind).

Supposedly they get your screenname off livejournal or digg or xanga. For me it must have been Digg since that's really the only place I go to. I have no livejournal. (I do have Xanga, but I doubt thats where it came from . . . possibly?)

I'll post the convo online later and those who want to view it can view it. Getting someone who will play along can be hard to find (I was lucky, I guess). Most people will tell you to piss off.

Anyway, here's their livejournal site as well