hosting info request

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12-01-2009 10:44:14

I am thinking about doing a hosting offer. I would like your input. What hosting offer have you done? What are some of the pros and cons that you experienced with the service / offer? Was it pretty easy to use? Was it expensive (comepared to other hosting plans)? Are there other hosting plans that you know of (that aren't offers) that are better?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



12-01-2009 12:54:11

Don't remember the name of the offer, but tried it years back and I never got credit for it. They also overcharged me for a few things and I spent months trying to get my money back, never did.

I wouldn't bother with hosting for offers...


12-01-2009 16:07:26

You used to see HostGator freebie offers a lot, don't know if they still do. They had a pretty decent reputation as a host last I knew. Keep in mind that most offers require a minimum commitment of up to 12 months to get/keep credit.

They don't run incentivized ads through offer publishers (that I've ever seen), but my preferred shared hosting provider is DreamHost. You can get your first year of hosting for under $30 (if the $97 discount ref codes are working again, if not, then about $70). They're also running a deal now for a 2-year signup for $128. Excellent deal -- I lijustli renewed a week ago for $119 for one year.