I hate this forum....HAPPY F***IN NEW YEAR!!

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31-12-2008 18:42:17

Making me look like I care about all of yall or something...

Happy New Year fuckers!! Who else is getting tore up? My mom got me the gift of keeping my son for the night, so it is going down tonight.

Everyone be safe, and do not fight anyone, that means you Travis.


31-12-2008 20:24:29

I've had one full bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale and I'm fucking rolling! I might go crazy and open another one, then go watch TV!

Happy New Year ya cheap bastards!


01-01-2009 01:59:01

I was the designated driver and I work in about 3 hours.

Happy fucking new year.


01-01-2009 06:21:56

I went to bed at 2200


01-01-2009 08:17:42

I also didn't make it to midnight. What an old man I am.

unknown uchiha

03-01-2009 02:55:27

I made it to midnight with a bottle of Silver fucking Patrón.