Data gathering programs for trading

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28-12-2008 22:06:14

Okay, so my dad has been "day trading" lately and has been doing well. And I mean WELL. Anywho, every morning he wakes up around 6am and does about 2 hours of data gathering and about an hour of data analysis all by hand using a notebook, graph paper, and ruler. This is all information he is gathering from the web, hundreds of sources, all by hand. He is doing really well, well enough to successfully to sell his company that he has successfully run for about 20 years. Now the thing is, my dad is by no means tech savvy but I thought maybe I could help him out. He does data gathering/analysis in the morning then at night to total about 5-6 total everyday without computers (besides the actual data). Now are there any retrieval programs out there that he can work with to specifically grab data and or plot it automatically. It does help when he plots shit himself because hes quick to recognize trends but I'm thinking if its all automated, he has time to potentially research more options.

Can anyone suggest any possible programs or services that could potentially help him on this? Even if a service had a tappable interface that a program could be written too, thats a start. Once again, any help would be well appreciated because he was explaining this to me and I told him it was very overly complicated.


29-12-2008 00:08:16

Yes but it all depends on what kinda data he is looking for, where he is getting it, and how he is deciding what data to get. You will have to be a little more specific for me to help u there. Most of the data individual investors would be interested in can be grabbed off a simple stock screener. Heres a few I use.