Nothing like. . . .

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17-12-2008 12:17:47

. . . browsing the web in Panera Bread with your desktop machine!

haha. I brought in my mac mini and my 19" Monitor because my laptop is broken and the internet at my house has been disconnected (every month the same shit happens and right now I dont' have time to call to get it reconnected).

Now to write my paper for finals.


17-12-2008 13:22:59

I'd kick you in your man hood if I saw you...


17-12-2008 13:27:21

[quoteeb310b476b="bballp6699"]I'd kick you in your man hood if [beb310b476b]you had any[/beb310b476b]...[/quoteeb310b476b]



17-12-2008 13:49:21

I feel like those people on Improv Everywhere that brought their desktops into Starbucks.


17-12-2008 14:52:51

I'm done as of today for the semester D I'm taking my girlfriend to the airport on Saturday so I'll be in town until then, I'm looking forward to relaxing for a couple weeks and not having to worry about school.