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14-12-2008 14:33:51

So after my last post I said to myself, "Wow, almost 3k posts on this forum. Is that sad, or awesome?" P I have yet to answer that question but it got me to thinking about all of the other forums I visit and how many posts I have across the intertubes. I'd be curious about everyone else too.

SN GodrockDJ, on all of them wink

---Forum--- ---Post Count---
[b635f0558ad]1. FreeiPodGuide 2938[/b635f0558ad]
2. 1001
3. 830
4. 672
5. A4F 167
6. 84
7. 21

I also probably have close to 1k posts on (stargazer101 there) but they don't count posts, so that's just an estimate. And I think that's it o


14-12-2008 14:38:03

Well, I look at forums like but for some reason I never register. I didn't register on fipg until 2 years after I first found the place. I actually got my ipod from around the same time the admin got his and made this site about it.


14-12-2008 18:17:40

I really only post here and A4F. I have 5,425 at A4F. I occasionally post at Freebiescout, Sherdog, BitMeTV, and Waffles. I only have a handful of posts at those places.


14-12-2008 18:23:49

Just here. Post count over there.


14-12-2008 20:17:04

Top 3
1. freeipodguide 6888
2. 5240 [used to moderate here but haven't posted in a year and a half... average posts is still over 3 a day though, lol... I think I had like 30-50 posts a day here at one point]
3. 2458

I've dropped hundreds of posts on a few other forums but those are the only three I stuck around on for more than a year or two.

EDIT oh whoops now it's 6889.


14-12-2008 22:54:27

FIPG 1093
A4F 3,798
FreebieScout 865
Back in the day I used to hang out at (BF1942 forum, clan I co-founded) 1613


15-12-2008 00:38:45

This is actually the only place I post.....and I have a pretty high post count |


15-12-2008 01:51:57

[quotef5836258d3="Twon"]I really only post here and A4F. I have 5,425 at A4F. I occasionally post at Freebiescout, Sherdog, BitMeTV, and Waffles. I only have a handful of posts at those places.[/quotef5836258d3]

meh, I just dropped by a4f to see what's it like. Apparently I had almost gone a year without checking them. The format is new and organized and I have no idea why the controls and options got so complicated.


22-12-2008 21:51:40

My post count at FLR is 7676, as of right now.


23-12-2008 00:20:50

Obviously this is the forum I frequent most.

Freeipodguide 9034 446 106


23-12-2008 08:01:50

Freeipodguide 10604
A4F 3,933
Slickdeals 1,279
FLR 286
AVS 223
High-Def Digest 23


23-12-2008 21:48:11

A4F 2446
PantyThieves 1298

All other forums are 200 and below.


05-01-2009 06:58:10

I'm a college Hockey Fan.. Go Sioux


And for the Musician/Audio Tech in me


I used to frequent A4F, but that was back when i traded.


05-01-2009 20:42:11

who's got the most posts here? tsj? j4320? forgot


05-01-2009 20:57:31

[quote09d6bca2bb="akalic"]who's got the most posts here? tsj? j4320? forgot[/quote09d6bca2bb]
TSJ by a pretty big margin. Click Stats at the top of the page.


07-01-2009 09:06:27

I dont really post on anything anymore but i have a few thousand at my local saltwater aquarium forum...this is my main posting area although not so much anymore


07-01-2009 09:16:15

FiPG almost 5,100 3,000 500

there's a few others but only with a few posts.