How to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket Travis-Style

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08-12-2008 22:52:57

Okay, so I was driving to work today, getting myself mentally motivated for another day of cramming insurance and billing information into my brain, when I noticed a cop up ahead in the breakdown lane of the highway.

I drive by him at my same rate of speed, and as I drive past, I notice his brake lights flash on, indicating that he's putting his bad boy in gear to catch me ridin' dirty.

So he pulls me over and says, "Do you know how fast you were going?"

I said, "No officer, I'm not really that sure." I know that you can't say anything that may incriminate you, or you'll be screwed.

So he responds with, "Just guess, guess how fast you were going."

I say, naturally, "I don't know, 67, 68 maybe?"

He says, "I had you clocked in the mid 80's"

Knowing that this was utter bullshit because I had my cruise set to 74, I said, "What! Officer there is absolutely no way I was going that fast. No way, I've never even taken this thing to 80, it shakes once it hits 75"

To which he responds, "License and registration please. I'll be right with you."

As he was walking back to his cruiser, I said, "Officer!"

and he turned around and came back to my window, and I said, "Officer, I'm in a really bad financial situation right now, and I could really, really use a warning on this one."

He kind of smirked and said "I'll be right back"

Then he came back and said, "This is a warning, consider it a $200 Christmas Gift, keep an eye on your speed. Have a nice day."

Haha, that cop was awesome!


08-12-2008 22:56:52

story would be funnier if you punched cop in the balls



09-12-2008 01:16:53

[quotef5760cab46="ilanbg"]story would be funnier if you punched cop in the balls




09-12-2008 07:55:20

Off-topic = TravMan's blog.


09-12-2008 08:04:07

Hahaha, I just thought that exact same thing this morning.

I logged in and I was like, "Jesus Christ, I think I'm blogging"


09-12-2008 10:02:24



09-12-2008 15:33:12

audio or video or it didn't happen


09-12-2008 20:37:42

Artist reNdering or it didn't happen.


09-12-2008 22:06:38

Usually when i get clocked for speeding its for 40 or 50mph over the speed limit


09-12-2008 22:07:27

no it's not.

that's when you get arrested.


10-12-2008 00:49:15

You batted your eyelashes at him, didn't you. Tell the truth, now.


10-12-2008 07:42:46

I [iee23ec197b]have[/iee23ec197b] been told I have long eye lashes


11-12-2008 18:00:37

If he said he had you in the 80's and you "Know" that it wasnt, ask to see the radar. He should still have the speed locked.


11-12-2008 18:08:09

[quote23abd1fc47="ilanbg"]story would be funnier if you punched cop in the balls


would have been funnier if the cop punched Trav in the balls.


11-12-2008 20:51:05


Travis plz get punched in the balls next time you speed. You will get an "A++ WOULD READ AGAIN" for sure.


12-12-2008 00:34:29

speeding punch to the balls