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10-11-2008 19:26:24

this is one of the worst place to promote or do anything else. plus even bad for freebies work so newbies go to freelunchroom.
this place sucks dick. ban me motherfuckers.


10-11-2008 19:36:04

this one 'da best playce to practuss englisch


10-11-2008 19:39:20

oh your mom was teaching me English so i dont who what happened and we can see the impact on your englch to. and stop fucking with your mom to much lol lol lol


10-11-2008 19:53:26

^That's about what I'd expect from a dancing stick of deodorant.

Hey, let's play a game. How many threads can you start before you get bant for real!


10-11-2008 20:17:10

i knew someone stupid like you would wanna play something stupid like that.


10-11-2008 20:30:25

Gone for real this time!?