Another win for Twon

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10-11-2008 10:00:15

Well I was coerced into competing in a "Catch Wrestling" match yesterday (Sun). A catch wrestling match consists of 3 rounds. Who ever wins the majority of the rounds is the winner of the match. There are only 2 ways to win the round. You can win by a submission (making your opponent quit via joint lock or strangulation), or you can pin your opponents shoulders to the mats for a 3 count. There no points awarded as in a typical submission match.

My match was pretty hard fought. The fact that I hadn't trained in quite a bit showed. I got taken down a couple of times when I shouldn't have.

Round 1 and 2 were a draw. I came close to submitting him with a key lock and a couple of chokes, but didn't pull them out.

Round 3, I pinned his shoulders for a 3 count. So, I am the winner. D

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3


10-11-2008 10:19:20

So its like wrestling (fake) but real?


10-11-2008 10:49:06

There are no rounds in fake werstling. Other than that, same principal... but real.

You may know it as catch-as-catch-can[=http//]catch-as-catch-can wrestling.


10-11-2008 10:54:25

Nice work! Even in the first two rounds you definitely seemed to have the upper hand. At least you were on top a lot, which for me translates to being in control =0)


10-11-2008 11:33:47

ya if points were a factor, I would have been ahead by quite a bit.

sandra habina

13-11-2008 05:05:34

Geezzz I got tired just watching it. Nice job. Why did he keep swatching at your forehead? Is that a tactic to get you off guard or something?

Pretty impressive moves Anthony!!! )