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05-11-2008 21:27:06

Is anyone watching this new episode?

It's on now, but so far, there is rioting in the streets with Obama fans, they are getting drunk and rowdy and starting to fight each other, causing McCain supporters to say, "look, he hasn't even been president for 4 hours and the country is already going to hell."

Meanwhile, the entire presidential race was a farce. McCain and Obama were working together. One needed to win the presidency so that one could access an underground tunnel from the oval office that goes underneath a museum containing an expensive necklace. Palin is really a genius and Michelle Obama is not Barack's wife, but a high tech computer hacker that can disable the security in the museum.

It's so ridiculous, but then again, this whole thing is, so it seems appropriate to make fun of it.


05-11-2008 23:16:25

Yeah I saw it. My roommate thought the Barack's grandma part was a little over the edge. lol


06-11-2008 00:14:13

link? missed it ( south park zone doesnt have it


06-11-2008 03:50:58

http//[" alt=""/img2d934f99e8]


06-11-2008 09:35:06

[quote6fc5b663b7="x323smostwantedx"]link? missed it ( south park zone doesnt have it[/quote6fc5b663b7]


06-11-2008 23:15:28

thanks D


07-11-2008 12:59:11

Just watched it. Good stuff. I liked the Ocean's 11 angle.


07-11-2008 13:52:00

I heard it was pretty funny, i'll watch it tonight or something


07-11-2008 15:44:03

Meh, I didn't think it was very good. The Democrats' partying was amusing (even though the satirized version in the show was tamer than D.C.'s actual partying) but besides that I wasn't impressed.


07-11-2008 18:20:38

It was funny.

Now we know what they're up to. P


08-11-2008 15:51:08

lol Change! Yes we can! (flips over cop car) lol It was an okay episode.