Whaaat up Everyone (Roommate Update)

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25-10-2008 11:28:41

Hey everyone, I haven't been on the forums forever. Just thought I'd stop by and say hi. I've been really busy with work and out of town 2 weeks out of the month for work.

I know I've told you guys about my roommate, his name is Battle Roy and did indeed sign a pub deal with Bad Boy Records in NYC. Que from Day 26 and Dawn from Danity Kane were over at the house yesterday and working with Roy on a new song. For you that do not know Danity Kane broke up and Dawn is doing her own album now. Battle was the first one to produce a song and have both Dawn and Que sing together on it. The song is amazing and they are super excited about getting it over to Diddy.

We had a birthday party for Battle last night at a local club and they had a bunch of local artists that Roy has worked with perform songs that Battle has produced for them. One of the groups did a Day 26 song and Que and Dawn were there and Que got up and helped them out with the song it was nuts! Here are some pictures from last night.

http//i12.photobucket.com/albums/a217/hairyferry/100_1005.jpg[" alt=""/img8cee007abb]

[img="8cee007abb]http//i12.photobucket.com/albums/a217/hairyferry/100_3333.jpg[" alt=""/img8cee007abb]

[img="8cee007abb]http//i12.photobucket.com/albums/a217/hairyferry/100_7777.jpg[" alt=""/img8cee007abb]

O yeah and of course a picture of my wife last night standing in front of a fan
[img="8cee007abb]http//i12.photobucket.com/albums/a217/hairyferry/CIMG2644.jpg[" alt=""/img8cee007abb]

Anyway, just thought I'd stop in and say hey and give everyone an update


25-10-2008 11:49:09

Sounds like a swell time.


25-10-2008 13:41:05

Your wife is a WILF.

And that sounds like an awesome night.


25-10-2008 14:32:14

I love how your wife's hair is very epic in that picture.


25-10-2008 14:49:59



26-10-2008 10:43:57

HA, yeah it was a cool picture


03-11-2008 14:50:37

I know what club that is...and was there on Halloween. hairy send me an IM.