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13-10-2008 13:22:53

Anybody in the philly area have a good digital camera, a big set of balls, and want to make ~$60?

PM me


13-10-2008 14:04:16

Mysterious KeithA and doylnea threads always make me curious.


13-10-2008 14:07:30

too bad you aren't in cleveland, winslow isn't doing anything tonight.



13-10-2008 15:04:12

[quote8e5532ee5d="KeithA"]Anybody in the philly area have a good digital camera, a big set of balls, and want to make ~$60?

PM me[/quote8e5532ee5d]

Aww here it goes!


14-10-2008 06:59:53

I'm in the Philly area, but my better judgement is telling me to stay away from this.


14-10-2008 09:16:43

I have no idea what he's proposing, but he wouldn't put you in harm's way. There's nothing to lose by PMing him.


14-10-2008 09:53:58

I took the liberty of explaining things via PM.

It's really not that shady, and due to a general lack of response, we're now opening things up to folks w/ small or even no balls.


14-10-2008 10:29:09

What about guys with a vagina?


14-10-2008 10:31:47

[quoteca139c921f="CollidgeGraduit"]What about guys with a vagina?[/quoteca139c921f]
Well, I [ica139c921f]suppose[/ica139c921f] if they were attractive enough, I'd be willing to take pictures... oh, wait. That's not what you meant.

Never mind...


14-10-2008 10:55:33

Is this open to people with average size balls?


14-10-2008 11:55:00

Can I be involved without divulging the size of my balls?

Or is that somehow involved with the photography?


14-10-2008 12:40:39

Good luck to anyone that chooses to take on the challenge!


14-10-2008 14:52:05

If I could have gotten time off of work, I legitimately would have gone down there for this.


14-10-2008 21:27:33

I'd be up for it depending on how close to Philly it is. I'm about two hours west of Philly (York).


15-10-2008 01:10:35

I have a lot of friends in Philly..


15-10-2008 06:21:55

I live in Philly, but I'm scurrrrrred.


15-10-2008 06:47:49

OK, I will just explain things in more detail so that people get the drift.

I'm a senior analyst for a research company that focuses on retail strategy--especially new and innovative retail stores. We love to visit new stores and study how they're serving shoppers, and one of the chains we want to check out is Wawa.

So we need somebody to go visit a new Wawa store and take photos of the signage, layout, promotions, displays, shelving, etc. We were hoping to have someone visit a specific store (551 W. Uwchlan Avenue, Uwchlan Township, PA), but at this point I'm open to any of the stores listed here http//[]http//

Taking photographs inside a store is entirely legal (we have almost 15,000 photos), and this type of research is common. We always try to obtain explicit permission in advance but cannot in all cases. If a store associate asks one of our researchers what they are doing, we encourage them to answer honestly ("I'm doing research for a research company") and honor any request to leave the store.

We pay by the photo, and most people make $50 or more per visit.

If you have more questions or want to give it a shot, drop me a PM. I have similar assignments around the country each week, so if this is something you're generally interested in, PM me with your location and I'll keep you in mind.


15-10-2008 09:42:04

Shit, most of those are too far away for me. It'd probably cost me $50 in gas to get there and back.

I'd definitely be up for doing other stores that are closer to me, just PM me with any when you get them. D


15-10-2008 10:26:11

oh thats easy, i would have done it if i lived near any of the stores


15-10-2008 11:05:31

Sounds like one of those mystery shopper tasks.


15-10-2008 13:27:16

[quotede5d54055a="ajasax"]Sounds like one of those mystery shopper tasks.[/quotede5d54055a]

It is similar to a mystery shop, but instead of evaluating the customer service experience, we document the store's design and merchandising strategies. It isn't the individual visit that's as important as what each store reflects about the parent company's strategic direction.

sandra habina

23-10-2008 01:37:14

Never heard of WaWa before. I am in NorthEast Ohio if something ever pops up in that area. Be glad to help.