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10-10-2008 12:42:29

[b6c222791ea]Want to make a quick $50?[/b6c222791ea] Put your thinking cap on, and help me come up with an idea for a contest.

I'm trying to come up with ideas for a contest that would be held on a Mustang parts website. I'd like to do something that is unusual, funny, and unique... The more "out there" and ridiculous it is, the better. Ideally, this contest would result in entrees that have potential to go viral[=http//]viral (user-submitted images and video). This is where you come in to play...

Want to make a quick $50? Post your ideas here. I will choose the contest idea that I like the most and send $50 to the person who came up with it (via paypal). Hell, if there's more than one great contest idea, I'd consider sending out multiple payments to different users.

I'd be willing to spend up to $3-4 grand on this contest if needed. The only real guideline here is that the contest shouldn't promote illegal activity.

Here are some ideas I've come up with so far

- How many people can you fit in your Mustang?

- Get a tattoo of our company logo and win $XXX

By the way, [i6c222791ea]this promotion is not endorsed or supported by FreeiPodGuide[/i6c222791ea] in any way. I will let this run until next Friday (10/17) at which point I'll announce the winner(s).


10-10-2008 13:34:28

Entrees? Sounds yummy lol.

Just a quick one Who can "dress up" their mustang the most ricey for Halloween?


10-10-2008 15:18:38

How long can your Mustang's battery run before running out?

Who has the loudest engine?

Coolest rims?

Biggest/best looking spoiler?

Best modded (internally and/or externally)?


10-10-2008 16:47:33

[quote05341040fc="TFOAF"]How long can your Mustang's battery run before running out? [b05341040fc]fail[/b05341040fc]

Who has the loudest engine? [b05341040fc]fail[/b05341040fc]

Coolest rims? [b05341040fc]fail[/b05341040fc]

Biggest/best looking spoiler? [b05341040fc]fail[/b05341040fc]

Best modded (internally and/or externally)? [b05341040fc]fail[/b05341040fc][/quote05341040fc]

sorry foafy


10-10-2008 19:00:14

[quote0cca591176="TravMan162"][quote0cca591176="TFOAF"]How long can your Mustang's battery run before running out? [b0cca591176]fail[/b0cca591176]

Who has the loudest engine? [b0cca591176]fail[/b0cca591176]

Coolest rims? [b0cca591176]fail[/b0cca591176]

Biggest/best looking spoiler? [b0cca591176]fail[/b0cca591176]

Best modded (internally and/or externally)? [b0cca591176]fail[/b0cca591176][/quote0cca591176]

sorry foafy[/quote0cca591176]

LMAO... I was just thinking the same thing (

Now for my ideas

- Fastest car
- Coolest looking seats
- Most neon lights
- Shiniest shift stick knob


(Dammit... I just couldn't go through with it and had to edit my post to point out, I'm NOT serious... just ticklin' TFOAF's testes)


10-10-2008 21:18:33

best drvier of mustange when rdunk!!


10-10-2008 22:05:14

[quote2a20880db4="TFOAF"]best drvier of mustange when rdunk!![/quote2a20880db4]

you shouldn't even come on the internet when you are drunk.



Who can get the hottest chick next to their 'stang?
Part 2 Video of her stripping.


11-10-2008 17:24:01

[quote9811075a15="EatChex89"][quote9811075a15="TFOAF"]best drvier of mustange when rdunk!![/quote9811075a15]

you shouldn't even come on the internet[/quote9811075a15]


13-10-2008 07:45:55

I like the Halloween idea, thats a good start.

Best driver of Mustang when drunk - While its funny in theory, I'm afraid it's probably not in our best interests (from a liability standpoint) to encourage drunk driving shock

And the hot chick thing is an idea we've toyed around with before. The stripping part, not so much, haha.

Come on guys, keep 'em coming - Fifty bucks up for grabs here!


13-10-2008 11:10:25

best pimped out. like inside video screens, subs, screens in the trunk, strobe lights, lights in the car, underneath the car, etc.


13-10-2008 12:41:11

This is a decent idea, but I don't think that your average Mustang owner has the money to completely pimp out their car in that respect, especially just to win a contest.


13-10-2008 14:44:59

ya but what if it's already pimped out. ;)


13-10-2008 21:07:02

[quoteee037ab550="TFOAF"]ya but what if it's already pimped out. ;)[/quoteee037ab550]

whats with the wink at the end of this?


14-10-2008 06:47:35

Whoever can change all 4 tires on a mustang the fastest wins...

Whoever can push their mustang 50ft the fastest wins...

Whoever comes up with the best theme song for the mustang wins...


14-10-2008 06:53:58

Twon, I like your ideas. I especially like the idea of timing who can push their mustang 50ft the fastest. I'm gonna try and see if I can think of additional factors to add to this to make it more ridiculous... Like you can use up to five people and you have to be wearing rollerblades? Although that might be impossible.

Three days left guys, keep the ideas coming!


16-10-2008 07:07:39

A little over 24 hours left guys, keep the ideas coming. I will make good on my promise of $50 via paypal to the best idea - I know you guys can do better than this!


16-10-2008 08:28:02

How much traffic do you get on the Mustang site, and where does the traffic come from; that will help shape ideas.


16-10-2008 09:17:59

To give you an idea, in September we had 250,000 unique visitors, and the majority of our traffic comes from Google searches. So there is no shortage of people willing to enter these contests, especially if there is a big prize at stake.


17-10-2008 11:05:45

A tug of war with a mustang. A rope tied to the front and back. Teams of 5 take turns against each other single elimination.


17-10-2008 15:06:52

Twon, I definitely like that idea, adds a whole new challenge into the mix. Could definitely be interesting.

I'm gonna let this go until midnight tonight, and I'll be on here tomorrow to announce the winner. Keep those entries coming guys, there isn't much competition here, you could easily make that fifty bucks yours!


17-10-2008 16:10:28

- Who can make out with their Mustang the best?
- How many people can you get to make out with your Mustang at once? Imagine a small crowd just going at your beloved Mustang.
- Or maybe whoever can make the funniest love scene (nothing sexual of course because that'd be too NSFW for your site presumably) with their Mustang. Like someone reciting a funny or intimate love poem to their Mustang with roses then proceeding to kiss their car in a very dramatic manner.

You could advertise the contest by saying, "Who loves their Mustang most?" Then have a picture of a Mustang with hearts and roses or something. Then go into detail about the guidelines and what not.

I think a video of a person or people viciously making out/kissing/licking with a Mustang would be funny/bizarre viral video material.

- Have a very open ended contest to see who has the most ridiculous obsession with his Mustang. Have him/her demonstrate in the video why.
- Who can do the best burnout?
- Have a ghost riding competition and see who can do the goofiest thing while ghost riding.
- Who can design the most intricate and coolest design on their mustang with whipped cream (shaving cream is not good for the paint)?
- See how many old people you can get to dress up and look badass and pose in front of your Mustang (who says only young people could enjoy Mustangs?). I really like this idea and I think this would be way funny to see. Plus all the other submissions that didn't win would be really funny to look at on the site. Or it doesn't have to be who can get the [i8b6071d1f3]most[/i8b6071d1f3] old people but rather who can make it the funniest. More old people may = more funny though.
- How many people can you get to bow down to your Mustang?


18-10-2008 06:45:50

who won?


18-10-2008 08:26:28

Twon, I like your Mustang tug-of-war idea. There were some other good ideas in here as well (I definitely liked some of J4320's stuff) but I'm gonna go with the tug-of-war contest, that could be interesting. Whether or not we actually end up going through with it I can't say at this point, but if we do use any of these ideas I'll be sure to post about it on here. Twon, PM me your paypal address. Thanks for the effort guys.


18-10-2008 09:37:07

http//[" alt=""/img8fb988c627]


18-10-2008 10:26:59

Whoo hoo!!! First off, I'd like to thank the Lord almighty. Without him, this wouldn't be possible. I gotta thank my team. You know, with out a good team, you aint gonna win anything. I trained hard for this and now I get to reap the reward.

What's next for you?

Well I don't know. You know, that depends on my contract and stuff. Basically we need to sit down and talk and come to an agreement. I know one thing, the amount that they're paying me is going to need to increase. I work my but off and I think I should get paid for it.


18-10-2008 11:06:45

Are you going to Disneyland??


18-10-2008 11:29:47

He's going to da 'ship.


19-10-2008 06:22:41

[quotea6973357d2="ajasax"]Are you going to Disneyland??[/quotea6973357d2]

No. Graceland.