Bingo America

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08-10-2008 15:27:06

So I was watching GSN on Monday when Bingo America came on and at first I was like oh man, I hate Bingo, give me some more Lingo. But then they were all "and you can print 10 cards at home and if you get a bingo you get $50!" So I printed out 10 cards.

Here's the cool thing. The game has 2 rounds. And you get 10 cards for each round (20 sheets of paper). On each card or sheet of paper are 3 boards. So you have 60 chances to win $50. Not bad, eh? I didn't win Monday, but I'm playing again today and I just found out that Wednesday if you get a bingo at home you get $250!

Anyway, figured I'd share it with you. You don't really even have to watch the show, just print them out before it airs and you have a chance.