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07-10-2008 05:17:48

Card game
amidst crash chaos

Three road crash victims in China were
captured on camera playing cards in the
midst of a chaotic accident scene.
More than 20 vehicles were involved in
the pile-up on a motorway in Luoyang,
Henan province, which caused three deaths,
two critical injuries and left dozens more hurt.

A journalist from China News Network arrived
at the scene to find three people,
an old couple and a middle-aged woman,
sitting right in front of a wrecked truck
and playing cards.
"It looked like they didn't know
what was happening at all,"
said the shocked journalist, Zhao Xiaoli.

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07-10-2008 05:27:23

Two words

Gambler's Anonymous


07-10-2008 05:49:13

That reminds me of the time I was playing drinking games in the corner of the underground parking garage at the Lake Placid Lodge in Whistler BC. Drinking Long Island Iced Tea right out of the bottle baby!


07-10-2008 10:27:12

"Hey! You dismembered or paralyzed?"
"I'm bored. Let's play some poker!"

sandra habina

08-10-2008 01:17:08

[quote7387feb6e3="ajasax"]"Hey! You dismembered or paralyzed?"
"I'm bored. Let's play some poker!"[/quote7387feb6e3]

Good grief, yeah why should we try to help anyone - we can play cards instead. roll


08-10-2008 06:23:28

It was two old guys and a lady... they probably did everyone a favor by keeping out of the way.

Do you have a link to the original story? I'm curious to see where it comes from.


08-10-2008 08:21:25

googling the title would have been a good place to start looking for the original link...



08-10-2008 08:33:53

+kma doylnea


08-10-2008 09:09:29

This is pretty crazy...

So is this the Chinese equivalent of Bush reading a book to school kids?


08-10-2008 11:20:52



08-10-2008 12:56:37

thanks for the
news it was quite
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