WTF is the name of this song and perhaps the artist?!

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03-10-2008 23:20:06

PLEASE ignore the video and do not ask what I was doing watching it... Just skip to the ending credits. What the hell is the name of that song?! I've been trying to find it to be used as a ringtone for certain contacts and just stumbled into it. If anyone has any clue, please tell me!


03-10-2008 23:32:08

i'm pretty sure that's old gregorian chant, mon frere.

btw, what were you doing watching that video?


04-10-2008 00:32:16

It's Carmina Burana (O Fortuna, to be exact) by Carl Orff.


04-10-2008 01:07:49

[quotecfa23b83db="theysayjump"]It's Carmina Burana (O Fortuna, to be exact) by Carl Orff.[/quotecfa23b83db]

You... are... freakin' awesome!

Thanks for the help, TravMan and I wasn't watching it... um, it just came on. Uh... I was watching some awesome lesbian video and stuff... and I accidently clicked on something and it just started playing.... and THEN I couldn't stop it. My computer completely froze while it played. I couldn't force quit or nothin.' It was weird.

[bcfa23b83db]EDIT[/bcfa23b83db] DAMMIT! I could have figured this out easily all along (considering I stumbled into this video) using Midomi. It's an app I have on my iPhone that listens to the song you play and tells you what it is. AFTER you told me who it was, I remembered it. I gave it a shot and sure enough, it found the damn song. The ONE time I get to put Midomi to good use, I forget all about it. (It even finds music based on your singing. I have tried it and it actually worked... obviously popular music is easier to identify)


04-10-2008 07:23:21

What like "disturbiia-a-a-a" goddammit. I was at work yesterday and between 3-330 i heard that song twice on satellite and then on my way home i heard it twice on FM. four times in one hour. it was incredible.

i love guilty pleasures.

haha, i'm glad you found your answer though D


04-10-2008 07:41:25

Funny you ask...



04-10-2008 08:02:58

[quote2496438521="bballp6699"]Funny you ask...


No... fuckin'... way! I can't believe that. I honestly cannot believe he was able to figure out the name of the song based on what you typed. That is insane!


04-10-2008 09:16:18

[quote211487d8f5="bballp6699"]Funny you ask...


lol, I was going to post something in this thread along the lines of, "can someone help me find the name of this song, it sounds like 'do do do doooo, do do do dooo.'" But then it turns out you already made a thread like that.


04-10-2008 11:07:20

(Me me mo ma, me me mo ma, me me mo ma ma me mo)


04-10-2008 11:14:19

That bball thread is simply amazing.


04-10-2008 19:35:34

i think it actually came from the Matrix


05-10-2008 07:17:53

Argh, it's overused tripe. I've had to sing it, and I've had to play it (granted, I got to play the contrabassoon for it --> google image search if you don't know what that is) and it's actually pretty crappy music. Very repetitive, not much to it really, just loud and impressive.



05-10-2008 14:17:49

[quote2b6f4758dc="theysayjump"](Me me mo ma, me me mo ma, me me mo ma ma me mo)[/quote2b6f4758dc]
Lol, yeh that's damn impressive.