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03-10-2008 09:51:06

So if trying to sell something on Ebay, what are some of the scams that people try to pull on you. What should I watch out for?

Specifically, I'm thinking of trying to sell a fairly new Dell Laptop. Any tips or advice from people in the know would be awesome.



03-10-2008 10:03:14

what kind is it? how much for it?

dont sell to nigeria/africa


03-10-2008 10:15:29

[quote1bce4c301d="TryinToGetPaid"]dont sell to nigeria/africa[/quote1bce4c301d]
This, first and foremost. And expect to be contacted by someone who wants to buy your item outside the auction, especially for high-tech items. These are almost always African, Russian, or other overseas scammers.

Also, accept no Western Union payments. From anyone. Anywhere. Ever.

Personally, I don't accept bids from people with zero (and certainly negative) feedback, particularly on an item worth more than a few dollars. I state such plainly in my auction. I ask for those in such situations to message me first for bid approval, and if they bid anyway, I simply cancel their bid. It depends on the value of the item -- if it's something that I can better afford to risk, then I might be a bit more lax. If it's something valuable and scam-prone like a laptop... probably not.

If you accept PayPal, require a verified account with a confirmed address. Most scammers don't go to this trouble. I'll usually compromise and say something like "if bidder has less than 10 feedback at 100% positive, then bidder must use a verified PayPal account with a confirmed address." You figure if people have completed several transactions without an issue, then they're probably okay, but review their past purchases if possible to form a good judgment. Scammers have been known to create an eBay account and pad their feedback with a bunch of "penny" purchases before scamming someone out of an expensive item. Then they'll create a new eBay account, rinse, repeat.

If you accept non-CC payment via check/M.O. always hold shipment until the funds clear your bank. And personally I wouldn't accept any M.O. other than a USPS (Post Office) M.O., and only ship after you've cashed it at the Post Office. Other M.O.'s can more easily be forged or canceled, and will be held by your bank until funds clear. The USPS M.O. is as good as cash, and you can cash it at any P.O., making it impossible for the transaction to be reversed after you've shipped.


03-10-2008 10:59:03

Wow, thank you Dmorris.



03-10-2008 12:50:05

[quoteeab9bc8b8f="dmorris68"]Also, accept no Western Union payments. From anyone. Anywhere. Ever.[/quoteeab9bc8b8f]
My credit union halted all transactions on my debit card once when I used WU to send a bill. I love my bank -D