Extra Life: Gaming to fight Pediatric Cancer

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13-09-2008 02:46:52

On October 18th, 2008 gamers from around the world will come together for 24 hours to raise money and awareness for the cause of pediatric cancer.

Cancer is the number one cause of non-accidental death in children. Together, we’re going to stand with the families from around the world who come to Texas Children’s Cancer Center in Houston, Texas for lifesaving treatment.

Texas Children’s Cancer Center serves kids worldwide regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

This generous philosophy means that your support is crucial to ensuring not only the development of new cutting edge cures, but also to provide care to kids from all corners of the globe.

[b2d18169e21]100% of the money that you donate goes directly to Texas Children’s Cancer Center at Texas Children’s Hospital, one of the largest pediatric cancer and hematology centers on Earth.[/b2d18169e21]

Please help me raise money to help this cause. Whether it's $1, $5, or even $20. Every little bit helps.


Thank you )