Where Were You?

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11-09-2008 19:07:42

Im sure everyone remembers this tragic day, do you remember where you were or what you were doing when you found out?


11-09-2008 19:12:22

Yeah i was walking from my spanish class in the 9th grade and my friend told me that the towers in NY were attacked by people from Pakistan. I didn't understand what was going on until the TV in my Global Issues class was on and we saw the second plane hit the WTC. For the rest of the day, every TV in my high school was on...sad day.


11-09-2008 20:11:18

Similar story for me, I was in class in 9th grade as well. We were in our keyboarding class when all the tv's came on. i was watching live as the second plane hit....my keyboarding teacher shut the tv off and made us do our work... the only class all day that made us work. the rest we watched the news. i remember going home on my lunch break and putting tapes in every vcr on differant news channels recording the tragedy. very sad. Funny thing is i remember talking with my dad about a week before that and he was talking about how you remember big things. he remembers telling me exactly where and what he was doing when JFK was shot. then a week later, i would end up forever remembering the twin towers.

sandra habina

11-09-2008 20:53:45

Yes, I was at home watching TV and then seeing the disturbing broadcasts. Wondering what on earth happened. The plane that went down in PA flew over Cleveland and we did not know what was going on, it was about 1/2 hour away from us and we live by the Nuclear Plant. There were warnings and everything. Just a tragic day, so many people.



11-09-2008 21:02:55

8th grade math class... my friend came back from the dentist in the middle of class and was telling us what he saw on the news... our teacher [who i still can't stand] said "there are more important things to worry about" meaning our math homework...

I remember I mowed the yard that day after school thinking that it couldn't be osama bin laden because with an attack like that there is no way someone would come out and deny it... boy was I wrong...


11-09-2008 23:02:28

Your Math teach Tjwor sounds alot like my Keyboarding teacher....


12-09-2008 06:43:46

7th grade Geography class. I remember kids were being called to the office one by one.


12-09-2008 06:57:11

10th grade. Study hall had just let out. A friend of mine popped his head in the door right as the bell rang and told us what happened. It was much like the kid from Willy Wonka that pops his head in to tell the class about Wonka opening the factory. Kids running in the hallway behind him...etc.


12-09-2008 23:00:12

10th grade, Spanish class. I thought I heard someone saying something about a helicopter landing on the WTC (I honestly had no idea what the WTC was at the time) or something wierd. I thought I was just hearing things. Later in that class we went to a room that had CNN on, and saw the havoc. If only it were just a helicopter... We ended up going home early that day, I'm not sure why exactly. I live in Iowa so it wasn't near us at all.


12-09-2008 23:25:38

Wow. 7 years is a long time. Just a freshman in HS, when I was living in CO still (


13-09-2008 11:15:30

in class


13-09-2008 11:55:08

Wow. 7 years is a long time. Just a freshman in HS, when I was living in CO still ([/quote

You lived in CO? Where?


13-09-2008 14:08:47

I was in 7th grade. It was a standardized testing week and only 6th and 8th graders were taking tests. We were watching a movie in the library or something and then they changed the channel to CNN.


13-09-2008 17:17:49

That's my husband's birthday. He took the day off and we were having breakfast when someone called us and told us to turn on the news. We just stood there for a long time and watched everything unfold. -(


13-09-2008 18:08:34

I was in history class in the computer lab. 8th grade. We were supposed to be researching something but I snuck on AIM and was chatting with my cousin. He was watching the news and informed me of what happened. Was talking to him all through it.. when they didn't know if it was an accident or not until the towers fell. So I was one of the first people to know in my school. I told the people around me and the teacher. No one really knew the seriousness of the matter though. Wanted to go to CNN.com and show them but all the news websites were down.


13-09-2008 18:14:39

[quoteeb2be47e7a="J4320"][quoteeb2be47e7a="ajasax"]Wow. 7 years is a long time. Just a freshman in HS, when I was living in CO still ([/quoteeb2be47e7a]

You lived in CO? Where?[/quoteeb2be47e7a]
I thought we've been over this. -D I mostly lived around the Littleton/Highland's Ranch area. For about 7 years. 3rd-9th grade. I miss living there.


13-09-2008 23:48:31

I was in gym class when I heard about what happened, I thought people were talking about some sort of game.
[quotee8570eeafe="ajasax"][quotee8570eeafe="J4320"][quotee8570eeafe="ajasax"]Wow. 7 years is a long time. Just a freshman in HS, when I was living in CO still ([/quotee8570eeafe]

You lived in CO? Where?[/quotee8570eeafe]
I thought we've been over this. -D I mostly lived around the Littleton/[be8570eeafe]Highland's Ranch[/be8570eeafe] area. For about 7 years. 3rd-9th grade. I miss living there.[/quotee8570eeafe]


14-09-2008 08:30:07

Senior year...I had accounting when we found out, and we watched the towers drop in college writing...


14-09-2008 17:43:04

I was young, 6th grade or so. Me and my best friend took off from school that day to go to Manhattan with my dad. We were in an office building somewhere in midtown Mahattan, I don't know exactly where, but I remember getting there at exactly 826 because I bet my friend when what time we would get there. I heard this huge roar of a jet engine and thought it might be some fighter jets so I looked outside and saw everything happen. I saw both planes hit and the towers fall. To this day whenever I hear Air Force planes fly overhead I get scared shitless.