need checks

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10-09-2008 11:53:22

Anyone have a source for cheap checks? I don't care what they look like, so long as they're inexpensive.


10-09-2008 12:03:42

search around on slickdeals, I know I found some real cheap checks there but decided to go with better quality ones.


10-09-2008 12:09:15

Figured it out. I only use this account for ebay/paypal transfers, and hadn't investigated much.

I just set myself up as a payee, and can now have the bank mail me a check for free, whenever I decide there's enough money in the account to warrant a check deposit to my normal bank account.

Innovus Net

10-09-2008 12:44:06

Check out these 3 websites, you might be able to find some good deals.




I would look online for a coupon code for whatever site you use.

Good Luck!