Don LaFontaine 1940-2008

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02-09-2008 22:59:13

Don La Fontaine passed away yesterday.

You've probably already heard the news, but if you haven't. You do know who he is. He's voiced 5000+ movie trailers and is famous for "In a world. . . " line.

There will never be a replacement for his unique voice. Such a shame. He was only 68 too.

Here are a couple videos you can watch.
Geico Spot[=http//]Geico Spot
Don LaFontaine The Voice[=http//]Don LaFontaine The Voice

RIP Don!


03-09-2008 07:09:03

Yeah, I had heard this last night. Its amazing how used to hearing the same movie preview voice we are. It will be very different. You could almost judge the quality of a trailer by if it had him or not...


03-09-2008 13:21:04

I've often thought what it would be like to have your voice change and turn out like that. You'd be like "well, I guess what I know what I want to be when I grow up!"


03-09-2008 13:40:29

I saw this on the news. Too bad.