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31-08-2008 08:48:41

YAY! I love 110+ winds being in the middle of the state + rain + tornadoes!

I will probably be not around for a while, depending on if the storm goes to a Cat 5 (which is most likely) I will be sure and have some pictures if things get hairy.


31-08-2008 09:20:17

be safe brother.


31-08-2008 09:59:17

pix or it didn't happen

Good luck.


31-08-2008 11:37:54

Yeah good luck to everyone with Gustav. I guess some good news is that it was at 155 MPH winds (Cat 5), but now its down to 115. Shutter up


31-08-2008 12:19:55

Yeah, should be good. My house is on a bayou, so flooding is likely, they say anywhere from 10 - 15+ inches of rain can occur so I expect some water in my home. I have towels at every door and all my outside furniture is either in the store room or against my sliding glass door (I figure if its behind the house, and against something it is less likely to fly around...)

Should be a fun day tomorrow and Tuesday.


31-08-2008 13:19:55

Good luck. I hope I dont get Hannah, the track was turning downward, then it showed a direct hit on me, then it showed it missing and turning upward. The news station said they all have no idea what Hanna will eventually do, the computer models are everywhere.


31-08-2008 14:37:33

i'm going to create a place where there are no disasters and name it "island of peace"


01-09-2008 10:30:41

If you have any troubles with your basement flooding, be sure to ask about it here


01-09-2008 11:19:16

[quote5a28989a35="CollidgeGraduit"]If you have any troubles with your basement flooding, be sure to ask about it here[/quote5a28989a35]



01-09-2008 12:19:18

[quotecf1f17c756="CollidgeGraduit"]If you have any troubles with your basement flooding, be sure to ask about it here[/quotecf1f17c756]

foafy, lol


02-09-2008 13:44:23

Things looking better? I heard it dropped to CAT 2 now.... so thats good.


03-09-2008 19:25:21

Well...This happened
http//[" alt=""/img7a166873cb]

My house is the middle one.

Story time
Hurricane was not that bad. Winds were probably around 80+ mph and we got 10+ inches of rain. Last night my power was restored and I had 2 people from Baton Rouge staying with me. One slept on the floor at at 630 woke up and thought the toilet was over flowing, but it was rain water from the end of Gustav.

My house had 2 inches in it at this point and we looked outside and saw the hardest rain I have ever seen, the water on my back porch was 4 -5 inches higher than what was in the house. We moved everything to the bed and cut the breakers. We then went to the house on the left, it is a duplex but only one of them were home. We helped them get their shit out and then cut their breakers. We then went to the house on the right and did the same over there. We then just waited and watched as the water rose, it got up to our waist at the highest point through this. I seem to be one of the people who got it all the worst in terms of the rain.

Tomorrow I am helping my land lord take everything out, so basically everything but my 360, HDTV, and CPU are toast, toast, and toast.

More Pics
[img="7a166873cb]http//[" alt=""/img7a166873cb]
Another overhead.

[img="7a166873cb]http//[" alt=""/img7a166873cb]
The backyard.

There is much more pictures, some are of the inside of my house and as soon as I get the camera from my friend I will put them up here.


03-09-2008 20:04:38

Damn... glad you are ok.

Im worried about Ike. It was supposed to be a category 4 in 6 days.... well it is a category 4 tonight. Its supposed to be a 5 soon, and will be a 5 by landfall. They say its supposed to hit in Broward County... RIGHT where I am. Damn.


04-09-2008 09:59:53

http//[" alt=""/imgf69d648e39]

The ole lady standing outside in the garage.


04-09-2008 10:04:14

Is that your house or your parents?


04-09-2008 10:08:05

My home.


04-09-2008 10:13:59


You have insurance, right?


04-09-2008 10:13:59

Sorry to see that TTGP. Man that's not good. (


04-09-2008 10:23:02

No, I was renting and even if I had renter's insurance it would not have covered the flood. So, I applied for FEMA today as well as called my companies assistance hotline. Like I said when I get all the pictures uploaded I will share.


04-09-2008 11:11:55

Oh shit man. Hope it all works out.


04-09-2008 11:57:03

Damn... hope it works out for you.