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23-08-2008 19:52:16

hey does anyone know where to get free solutions manuals
I need one for
Mathematical Statistics with Applications
7th Edition
Authors Wackerly, Mendenhall, Scheaffer
ISBN 13 9780495110811


23-08-2008 20:53:59

the company's website?


24-08-2008 16:00:34

Check your college bookstore.


24-08-2008 17:59:57

he wants answers.


24-08-2008 18:13:57

i have heard that you can get solutions manuals in PDF format on line so i was wondering if anyone had a good site for them


02-09-2008 01:09:23

Check out They might have what your looking for. I can tell you from experience, finding solution manuals online is a crap-shoot. You're better off finding a classmate that has them.


02-09-2008 07:49:34

lol what do you come here once a year?


02-09-2008 07:54:53

When I was in college, I gave up looking for solutions online. Unless you find what your looking for quickly, you will find that its easier to just study and learn than it is to find textbook answers...

of all my classes, i was probably able to only find the answers to like 3 of them. the rest was impossible. Brodie is right on this. If you cant find it right away, ask a classmate. otherwise, you will need to think of some classy movie like operation to sneak into the school and copy the answers in the middle of the night dressed in black after dropping in though the vents. P