Get Paid Daily To Click Ads- See Post For Details

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23-08-2008 08:40:58

Hey all, I know most of us are looking for extra cash in our spare time. I found this site that pays you to click on ads and you can cash out your balance daily! If you get a cashout through Paypal the minimum is $1.

The link is in my signature so if you want to check it out! They give referral $ too so it'd be great if you signed up through my sig link b/c I wanna make money too! )

I've been doing the ad clicking. Its easy money in my spare time so I figured I'd share with everyone else. If its not your cup of tea thats fine but I know some will appreciate it. )


23-08-2008 09:37:57

Have you read our rules about posting reflinks?


23-08-2008 10:03:12

see that big red sign on the upper left hand corner of the page. please read that.