Anyone want to start up a Madden 09 League?

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22-08-2008 12:09:13

[bb8d2cddc39]Hey guys,

Anyone want to join a Madden 09 League for XBOX 360? I have 2 people interested as of right now. A 32 team season would be amazing!!! ) Let me know if you are interested and just post your XBOX Gamertag in this thread. If we get enough interest I will just post the League name and Password and we can start up asap!!!

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Thanks for reading!! )[/bb8d2cddc39]


22-08-2008 12:33:25

how often do you do games in the league? I dont have the game yet, but if i had a sure league i would be very tempted to get it. Could i get some details on it?


22-08-2008 12:39:27

Its a round robin league where you just play everyone else in the league once. You can play whenever you want and as soon as everyone has played everyone it goes into playoffs.


22-08-2008 13:46:18

32 teams is asking for trouble. If there is enough interest I might do it.


22-08-2008 15:21:45

I am down.