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19-08-2008 15:43:54

So I went to a taping of Dr. Phil today with my sister and I actually got into 2 shows in one day!

Check me out, the new season starts sep 8th. Supposedly one of the girls said that she saw me on the monitor so I will probably be on TV.


Actually, I really don't care. I just had nothing to do today so I went to Hollywood to see a TV show live for the first time ever. Quite interesting


19-08-2008 16:54:13

I saw the Bozo show, from the studio audience, about 25 years ago.


19-08-2008 18:54:23

My name was picked on the Bozo show. Does this count?


19-08-2008 21:17:40

Dr. Phil?



20-08-2008 06:39:34

go to price is right fool


20-08-2008 07:03:19

I went to the NBC building in NY. That was about as close as I've gotten. I saw the stage of Saturday Night Live and such.


20-08-2008 12:14:49

I'm going to see Jimmy Kimmel on Sept 5th


21-08-2008 06:58:16

I saw Who Wants To Be A Millionaire once...and the wait for the phone-a-friend is much longer then on


21-08-2008 07:50:59

What do you look like? I went to Dr. Phil. I saw the back of my head on tv. I felt like a star. -)


21-08-2008 08:02:17

[quoted735b923e4="doylnea"]I saw the Bozo show, from the studio audience, about 25 years ago.[/quoted735b923e4]

My brother actually was butch on the Bozo show when he went to a live taping


07-09-2008 00:50:43

Been to a couple,Ive seen
Kanye West
The Game
Justin Timberlake (dont ask)
I believe I posted this video before

Im there if u know what I look like.

Be on the lookout for me on Sunday at the VMA's. I was chosen to be part of Kanye West's closing performace -)

[quotea2041e9ee5]Kanye, who is making use of B-Tank, will be calling upon the most cinematic history of all of them. When there used to be an A-Tank, the two tanks were filled to spill into each other and then reversed on film, to depict the parting of the Red Sea in “The Ten Commandments.” Now B-Tank is all alone, but it’s still keeping busy — both when wet and dry. For “Waterworld,” the space was enclosed with scaffolding and nylon sheeting. “Snake Eyes” used it for a tunnel leading out to Atlantic City’s boardwalk during the storm. And, most recently, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” used Tank-B for a Brad Pitt rowboat scene. There’s a 175-by-75-foot blue-sky backdrop — because the real Southern California sky looks fake — that was used in “Button” that Kanye is borrowing so clouds can make up the horizon.

But when B-Tank is not in use, it’s just a parking lot. There may not be much movie magic in that, but during weeks like this one, you’ll take whatever spot you can get.[/quotea2041e9ee5]