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14-08-2008 11:22:34

If You Do SportsBetting - Let Me Know

State what site you do it on and their incentives. Thanks


14-08-2008 12:21:02

We have a sports section now just to let you know. o


14-08-2008 12:22:48

I bet on UFC at


14-08-2008 19:01:09

I was looking for a site, but they all want a copy of your ID and CC you use to make a deposit. So it's not even worth it, unless there are some that don't require that info....


14-08-2008 22:42:22

Well you need a cc always to deposit. But, on oddsmaker you do not need a ID. If you join can you please use the code 1161529. If you do so, and do some wagering I will pay you $50.