because kansas needs more win

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thanks for the laugh. actually, it's a pretty darn good method of raising funds. I am happy that someone is actually fighting the stupidity of Kansas... geez, you can not redefine science to include religion. doing that defeats the whole purpose of science.

as my physiology prof said religion explains why you are here, science explains how. they aren't competing doctrines.

sorry for the random tangent/rant.


22-07-2008 12:05:42

Nice post Keith. lol

And winkie, no need to be sorry about that "rant." You're completely right. Science and religion are pretty much polar opposites. With science, you use evidence and reason to bring forth a conclusion. With religion, you have a made up conclusion based off of no evidence and you try to find "evidence" to support your ridiculous claims.

Aaaaaanyway, that was quite a lolworthy comic indeed.


22-07-2008 13:49:50

That is so fucking cool.


22-07-2008 14:07:03

Yeah, I donated too (just $8.34). I'm not sure he'll win, but I'm definitely digging the smarter campaign financing trend, and hopefully his story will get enough attention that other good candidates will learn from his strategy.


22-07-2008 14:35:04

I just donated $8.34. I feel a little uneasy about it though because I didn't look very extensively as to what he's all about (I went to his main page a little and read a little more but not too much). But uh, if Keith donated then that means he researched his positions and policies fairly well because he's a responsible American citizen... right?

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22-07-2008 15:21:09

Here are the positions he bullets in the final panel of his comic

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And there is much more on his main page (here [url=]http//[]http//[/url])

Contrast those with his opponent's list of issues, which is conspicuously void of an outline of his position on said issues

li Education
li Economic Development
li Control of Government Growth & Taxes
li Public Safety & Security
li Family Values


Given Kansas' known issues with anti-science fundie activists and the general sensibility of Tevis' other positions--plus the positive example his campaign is setting, I thought it was worth the modest donation. But nobody should donate just because I did

[size=76adda07089]unless they don't want to be banned


22-07-2008 20:45:08

This and the Obama campaign are good examples of how radical our world is changing.

I'm amazed every day at all the advances, and I can't feel that people are overlooking it. That webpage made U.S. history today—in a minor way because on the surface it looks like a guy who just knows how to rally, but in a major way because it shows how the system is changing.

I could go on and on about this, but it's just cool is all.